So…could the ACC really get three number one seeds?

The ACC has three of the country’s top teams however you slice it.2.Virginia led by hot shooting Kyle Guy and a versatile Forward De’Andre Hunter,3.North Carolina led by Freshman Point Guard Coby White’s scoring and Cam Johnson and Luke Maye’s versatile play, and 4.Duke led by the phenoms that are Wings RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish,a defensive stopper of a Point Guard in Tre Jones,and the most dominant player in college basketball in Forward Zion Williamson,who should come back from a mild knee sprain for the ACC Tournament in Charlotte on Thursday.Let’s take a look at each team and what needs to happen to get themselves a one seed.

2.Virginia-The top seed in the ACC and the number two team in the country,have already clinched a one seed according to the NCAA College Basketball guru Andy Katz.Now to get the top overall seed,they need to win the ACC Tournament and have Gonzaga lose in the WCC Tournament (a team that has already clinched a one seed according to Katz).

3.North Carolina-North Carolina needs to win on Thursday to get to a likely rematch with Duke in the ACC Semifinals.If they lose on Wednesday,they need Michigan State,Kentucky, and Tennessee all to lose in their respective conference tournaments.If the Heels get to the ACC Tournament Championship they are almost guaranteed a one seed no matter what happens in Charlotte on Saturday.

4.Duke-Duke will get its superstar back in Zion Williamson back for their ACC Tournament Quarterfinal game.They need to win the ACC Tournament to guarantee themselves a one seed.Duke should at least get to the ACC Semifinals,which will most likely be a third game versus North Carolina,and if they should lose that game losses by Kentucky,Tennessee,and Michigan State would give them a shot at the last one seed.

The ACC should get at least two one seeds with Virginia definitley being one of them with North Carolina having a better shot after their win over Duke yesterday.

So here the arguments are,please tell me in the comment section how many one seeds the ACC will get a week from now on Selection Sunday.

By Carter Huff

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