What Kyrie Irving’s free agency could look like (and where he might land)

If Kyrie Irving declines his player option, Irving would be an unrestricted free agent this summer, with multiple suitors. Let’s take a look at the teams that have the best shot at landing the star point guard.

Boston Celtics:If Kyrie decides to return to Boston, which is very unlikely if he doesn’t accept his player option, then Boston will have to find another legit star to pair with him. If they can get the Anthony Davis deal done, Irving would definitely be open to staying longterm in Boston.

Brooklyn Nets:This is where Kyrie will most likely go. A big market and a stable franchise. Unlike their cross-city rivals (New York Knicks), the Nets have built a nice supporting cast to developing guard De’Angelo Russell. Irving could fit right in and make this team a legit conference semifinals or even conference finals contenders.

LA Lakers:Teaming back up with his old partner LeBron James could be great or it could be the worst thing to ever happen. Kyrie left LeBron so he could be the star or the focus of the team (offensively mostly) but now that LeBron is just pretty much a playmaker, things could work out for Ky and LeBron the second time through. Plus, they would be able to attract another star free agent to LA and get Kyrie and LeBron another chance at getting past Golden State.

New York Knicks:If free agent Kevin Durant comes to the Knicks, there is a chance that Kyrie Irving does as well. They have voiced that playing together is an option and what better way to do it than head to the basketball mekkah Madison Square Garden. In the eastern conference, Kyrie would have a shot to keep getting into the Finals without having to go through Golden State or LeBron.

My pick:Nets. The Brooklyn Nets made a move yesterday to clear cap space for Kyrie Irving. Irving will expand his brand in Brooklyn and have a shot at titles in the eastern conference.

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