Where Kemba Walker could end up

Like I did with this summer’s top free agent point guard (Kyrie Irving), today we look at the options for star point guard Kemba Walker, who has been living in a losing world since being drafted by Charlotte.

Charlotte Hornets:If Kemba Walker decides to stay, its on him. This is unlikely but don’t be surprised if Kemba returns to the team that drafted him. Enough said.

New York Knicks:If Kyrie doesn’t end up in New York, Kemba will likely return to his hometown and play for the Knicks, most likely teaming up with the likes of stars like potentially Jimmy Butler or Kevin Durant. Kemba would not go to New York if Kyrie chose to join another superstar here.

Los Angeles Clippers:If Kemba goes to LA, he can make the Clips a legit competitior to get to the second round of the playoffs. Walker would team up with a young team featuring veteran forward Danillo Gallinari to help lead this team back to the playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers:The Lakers are in the conversation for every top free agent due to them being in a big market and having LeBron James. Don’t count the Lakers out of Walker’s suitors. Kemba Walker would give the Lakers another excellent scorer who wouldn’t have to be a primary defender because of Lonzo Ball’s defensive ability.

Indiana Pacers:Joining Victor Oladipo and a young Indiana Pacers team wouldn’t be bad for Walker. In a wide-open eastern conference behind Milwaukee, Toronto, and Philadelphia, Kemba can help give that push that Indiana needs to ge to the later rounds of the playoffs.

Prediction:Indiana Pacers. Kemba won’t have to deal with a tough western conference as I don’t think he wants to. Indiana will give him the primary scorer role and he can step back when Victor is the lead guard. All in all, it sounds like the best place for Kemba Walker.

By Carter Huff

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