Where will 2019 Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard end up?

2019 NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard (Forward,Raptors) has a tough decision to make. Will he stay with the franchise that he has been with for one championship season or will he head home and play for the LA Clippers?

Toronto Raptors-If Owner Masai Ujiri leaves to take the job for the Washington Wizards, Kawhi is gone. If they are able to retain most of the pieces from the championship team this year (no key free agents this summer but veteran guard Kyle Lowry will be next summer). So, Kawhi has to think about a future with Toronto. Toronto may not be the ideal team to return to, but they did win a championship with just Leonard and a few other key pieces.

LA Clippers-Returning to southern California would have a ton of benefits for Kawhi, his career, and his brand. He would be able to advertise himself and prove that he is a top three player in the NBA. He would also have a shot to lead a similar to Toronto team (some key pieces, role players) to an NBA Championship in a wide open western conference. Returning home would also make him close to his family and give him a chance to spend time with them.

Prediction:LA Clippers because of him having a chance to return home and make the most of being able to advertise himself as one of the top players in the game today.

By carterbhuff

I'm Carter. I'm an aspiring sports journalist and growing Youtuber. My sports youtube channel is cbhsports ( Hope y'all enjoy my posts!

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