College Basketball Saturday Review 4.0:Michigan State stuns Purdue,Virginia Tech stuns Virginia

Today is a month before Selection Sunday and everybody knows where pretty much everybody is going to be seeded.Let’s recap the big games yesterday.

The SEC is looking like they will get eight teams in the tournament.Alabama shut down 15.Tennessee 78-50 after the Vols had beaten 24.Kentucky.8.Auburn handled Georgia,Texas A&M beat Kentucky by eleven,and Arkansas handled Vanderbilt.The eight teams in the tournament for the SEC are Kentucky,Auburn,Alabama,Arkansas,Texas A&M,Tennessee,Missouri,and Georgia if they can continue winning with two opportunities to boost their resume both times against 15.Tennessee.

In the ACC,21.North Carolina beat NC State,Boston College upset 25.Miami,Notre Dame beat Florida State,and most notably Virginia Tech’s upset of 2.Virginia.

4.Michigan State stunned 3.Purdue with a game winning-three by Miles Bridges with time still on the clock.13.Arizona beat USC,1.Villanova beat Butler, and 12.Gonzaga beat 11.St. Mary’s.


Blog Update:Must Read:Swim Sports officially my second made up sport

Swim Sports is officially my second made up sport.This sport has not just been created by me,it is now just showing to you.This is like,Throwball.Their’s Throwball history but I didn’t show you it until just two years ago.So its like that,pretty much.


College Basketball Saturday Review 3.0:A day of upsets

Yesterday in college basketball was a day of upsets.Most notably 4.Duke was taken down at Madison Square Garden by winless in the Big East,St. John’s.23.Florida fell to Alabama,Missouri beat 21.Kentucky for the first time in program history,9.Arizona fell to Washington,12.Oklahoma lost to Texas, and Oklahoma State beat 7.Kansas at Allen Field House.

19.North Carolina snapped a three-game losing streak by blowing out Pitt led by Luke Maye’s twenty-six points and eight rebounds.

The top three teams in the country all won yesterday.

4.Duke and 19.North Carolina are ready for a clash on Thursday.


College Basketball Saturday Review 2.0:SEC-Big 12 Challenge,Virginia beats Duke at Cameron

4.Duke,(18-3), lost at 2.Virginia,(20-1), 65-63 in Durham,North Carolina.This shows that Virginia is a legitimate “Final Four” threat.Virginia’s defense is the best in the country and that’s why they beat the Blue Devils.

In other ACC news,10.North Carolina lost their second straight game to NC State in OT.

In the SEC-Big 12 Challenge,Alabama beat 12.Oklahoma,Arkansas beat Oklahoma State,5.Kansas beat Texas A&M,Florida beat Baylor,14.Texas Tech beat South Carolina,Tennessee beat Iowa State,and Kentucky beat 7.West Virginia.The SEC won the challenge.Most notably,two of the nations’ top point guards,Collin Sexton and Trae Young,and Sexton and Tide held Oklahoma’s star to just seventeen points.Kentucky came back from a seventeen point deficit to defeat 7.West Virginia,83-76.Kentucky Forward Kevin Knox had a career night,propelling the ‘Cats to a victory.


Despite loss,LeBron James is the youngest player to reach 30K Points

LeBron James is the youngest player to score thirty-thousand points in his career.James and the Cavs aren’t playing great right now,though.They just fell to the Spurs and their record is 27-19.Make sure you tell me in the comments if you want me to do a post on the NBA Trade Deadline,because the Cavaliers will need to make some moves then.


College Basketball Saturday Review 1.0:Duke lands Zion Williamson

Welcome to the first ever College Basketball Saturday Review on this website.Yesterday we had many big headlining topics but none more than when Duke landed the nation’s number two ranked prospect,Zion Williamson.

Zion Williamson makes Duke have the top three prospects in the country (R.J. Barrett,Zion Williamson,and Cam Reddish).This shows how dominant Coach K and Duke have been at recruiting.Zion Williamson,a South Carolina native,left instate fans,Clemson fans in particular,stunned.

Early Saturday,the best player in college basketball,Trae Young scored forty-eight points against arch rival Oklahoma State.The game went to overtime but Young’s forty-eight points were’t enough for Oklahoma against Oklahoma State.

Wichita State after starting the season as one of the best teams in college basketball is now suddenly skidding after their 73-59 loss to Houston.Who is to blame for this?

In College Game Day’s first Saturday morning of the year,they chose a battle between two SEC heavyweights.Florida and Kentucky battled at Rupp Arena.Florida got the best of the Wildcats with a score of 66-64.Four Florida players scored in double figures against Kentucky.Is it time to rethink expectations on Kentucky?They’ve lost three of their last five games.


Blog Update:Throwball News Edition

With March coming up for college throwball, the next “Everything You Need to know going into March College Throwball Primer” will come out after the week twenty-four games.I will be updating the conference standings on just the conference standings post but will come out with the next bracket watch “Everything You Need to know going into March College Throwball Primer” comes out next and the Bubble watch as well.


Is there anything Marvin Bagley can’t do?

Marvin Bagley has starred for Duke in his Freshman season but he isn’t even supposed to be here.He reclassified from the 2017 to 2018 class at the end of the summer and committed to Duke over USC.But even if he isn’t supposed to be here,he’s still arguably the best player in college basketball.Is there anything Marvin Bagley can’t do?

As a 6’11 big man that’s able to shoot very well,dominate in the paint,and be a great teammate,what else is there?Bagley,on a good night will put up twenty-five points and fourteen rebounds but on a great night,maybe thirty-two points and almost twenty rebounds.Bagley can lead Duke to a national championship with a great supporting cast (Grayson Allen,etc.) The only thing he hasn’t been able to do is fix Duke’s defensive woes and trouble in conference games on the road.Otherwise,Marvin Bagley can do everything,even if he is a year younger than EVERYBODY else.


The way I think NFL Divisions should be…

The way I think NFL Divisions should be…

New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills
New York Giants
New York Jets

Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens

Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins

Las Vegas Raiders
San Francisco 49ers
LA Chargers
LA Rams

Tennessee Titans
Carolina Panthers
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys
New Orleans Saints
Seattle Seahawks (Let’s be honest, unless they relocate, no team is going to be close to them anyway)
Houston Texans

Chicago Bears
Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions

Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs
Arizona Cardinals


Blog Update:Must See:New Main Website!

This is going to be my new main website.I will post everything here that’s non-college football on this site and on the other site its meant to be posted, along with news about my schedule for blogging.I’m going to be deleting,my old main website.