Should I start a new blog site for this? (Arkansas Razorbacks,Dallas Cowboys sports review 1)

My new schedule will take effect starting tomorrow including two posts here on Saturday,a Saturday college basketball review on Sunday,as well as a Dallas Cowboys and Arkansas Razorbacks sports review on Sunday,and a top 25 on on Sunday morning to afternoon.Since I want to stay objective on this site (or do you want me […]

Georgia QB Justin Fields confirms transfer to Ohio State

Justin Fields,the former top ranked player in the ESPN 300,has confirmed that he will be transferring to Ohio State which was his top choice the entire time he was deciding on his future.Fields will leave his home state of Georgia and established sophomore starting quarterback Jake Fromm behind in Athens.Fields will have some competition if […]

Dana Holgorsen hired by Houston-Reaction and Input

Former West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen has been hired by Houston as their head coach.Why would he downgrade from being a playoff contender to having almost no shot at the playoff trophy?The former Houston Offensive Coordinator will get a shot to prove himself again in a big market,as West Virginia probably wouldn’t of payed […]

Christmas break is ending!!!

Since Christmas break is ending,I’m going to be putting out a raw interchangable schedule until the start of NCAA Tournament.So here it is. Monday-Friday CBH Sports:At least one post on one of these five days. Throwball News:Depending on what happens there will be zero to two posts on Monday through Friday. Saturday CBH Sports:Two posts. […]

NBA:Conference Standings headed into the New Year

Eastern Conference 1.Milwaukee Bucks 24-10 2.Toronto Raps 26-11 3.Indiana 24-12 4.Philadelphia 76ers 23-13 5.Boston Celtics 20-14 6.Charlotte Hornets 17-17 7.Miami Heat 17-17 8.Detroit Pistons 16-17 Western Conference 1.Denver Nuggets 22-11 2.Oklahoma City Thunder 22-12 3.Golden State Warriors 23-13 4.LA Clippers 21-14 5.Portland Trail Blazers 20-15 6.Houston Rockets 19-15 7.LA Lakers 20-16 8.Sacramento Kings 19-16

Conference Realignment (Part 6):Making the Pac-12 into a super conference (My Pac-12 realignment and what should happen in the next realignment)

As this series of What if I was a college football god has become the most popular,I have decided to rename all of my posts about this in these following blogs:,,,,and my post about making the Big 12 into a super-conference and take my post about where each school in the Big 12 would […]

NFL Playoff Picture heading into Week 17

X=Clinched Playoff Berth Z=Have clinched division Y=Indicates a team that has secured a first round bye and an asterisk indicates home-field advantage AFC 1.Kansas City Chiefs-(11-4)-X 2.New England Patriots-(10-5)-X,Z 3.Houston Texans-(10-5)-X 4.Baltimore Ravens-(9-6) 5.Los Angeles Chargers-(11-4)-X 6.Indianapolis Colts-(9-6) In the hunt (Still alive) Tennessee Titans (9-6) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6-1) NFC 1.New Orleans Saints-(13-2)-X,Z,Y* 2.Los Angeles […]