College Football Playoff 2018-19 Initial Game Predictions

Orange Bowl (Miami,FL) 1.Alabama 35 4.Oklahoma 31 This is the first REAL defense Heisman front runner and Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray has seen.We will see how Kyler Murray will do against an SEC defense,but with Tua at full strength,Alabama isn’t losing. Cotton Bowl (Arlington,TX) 2.Clemson 34 3.Notre Dame 30 Notre Dame should take an early […]

My FINAL 2018-19 College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six Predictions

The top four teams are going to be announced at around Noon ET so here are my final predictions. CFP 1.Alabama 4.Oklahoma 2.Clemson 3.Notre Dame I would pick Georgia to be in the fourth spot because they do deserve another shot versus Alabama but Texas deserves a shot in the Sugar Bowl,too. Rose Bowl:Washington (Pac-12 […]

How to fix conference championship games

I know this is just an easy fix,but please do this college football,I don’t want to see blow outs all day today (Saturday). 1.Scratch divisions or equal them out.For example the Big 10 East is so much better than the West and how much better the SEC West is so much better than the East.So […]

Final 2018-19 Regular Season CFP and New Year’s Six Predictions

Remember,these are my predictions CFP 1.Alabama 4.Oklahoma 2.Clemson 3.Notre Dame New Year’s Six Rose Bowl:Washington (Pac-12 First Bid) vs. Ohio State (Big 10 First Bid) Sugar Bowl:Texas (Big 12 First Bid) vs. Georgia (SEC First Bid) Fiesta Bowl:Washington State (Pac-12 First Bid) vs. Michigan (Big 10 Second Bid) Peach Bowl:UCF (American First Bid) vs. Florida […]

Predicting all of the power five college football conference championship games (And the American’s)

American-Memphis vs. UCF With the loss of QB McKenzie Milton to injury,UCF may struggle early but I don’t see them having much trouble.Predicted score:UCF 31,Memphis 21 ACC-Pittsburgh vs. Clemson Let’s face the reality.Clemson with their offensive weapons and talented defensive front,will dominate Pat Narduzzi and the Panthers.Predicted Score:Clemson 38,Pitt 17 Big 12-Oklahoma vs. Texas Texas […]

What the College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six would look like if they were played today

Playoff 1.Alabama 4.Michigan 2.Clemson 3.Notre Dame *Bids are based off of schools who did not make the college football playoff* Peach Bowl:12.Penn State (Big 10 Second Bid) vs. 11.Florida (SEC Third Bid) Fiesta Bowl:9.Central Florida (American First Bid) vs. 7.LSU (SEC Second Bid) Rose Bowl:8.Washington State (Pac-12 First Bid) vs. 10.Ohio State (Big 10 First […]

My College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six Bowl Predictions (After Week 10,Second CFP Rankings,going into Week 11)

CFP 1.Alabama-SEC (Projected Champion) 4.Michigan-Big 10 (Projected Champion) 2.Clemson-ACC (Projected Champion) 3.Notre Dame-Independent Rose Bowl-Ohio State (Big 10 Second Bid) vs. Washington State (Projected Pac-12 Champion) Sugar Bowl-Oklahoma (Projected Big 12 Champion) vs. Georgia (SEC Second Bid) Peach Bowl-LSU (SEC Third Bid) vs. Central Florida (Projected American Champion,Projected Lone Group of Five undefeated conference champion) […]

What if there was a four team playoff in each conference?

Since the Kentucky-Georgia and Alabama-LSU games are like SEC Semifinal games into the SEC Championship in December,it got me thinking.What if there was a four team playoff for each conference IN PLACE of their conference championship game?! Rules The top two teams from each division in a conference will play each other to decided who […]