Why LaMelo Ball won’t last in college

Since LaMelo Ball has started attending and playing basketball at Spire Institute in Geneva,Ohio it got me thinking. Wherever (if he even does) LaMelo goes to college,he won’t last long.For the simple reason being that he plays for himself,he’s not a team player,and just wants the money.In my honest opinion,he should take the G-League route […]

Chino Hills Traitor:The story of former Chino Hills Guard Cameron Shelton

Starting today,I’m going to be doing some Ball-Family related posts.I’ve finally decided just to do my blogging one three websites,one for all sports:https://cbhsports2.wordpress.com and carterhuff2throwballnews.wordpress.com, and finally http://swimsports2018.wordpress.com .Let’s get into the story. Cameron Shelton,a Chino Hills High School Freshman Guard at the time was a starter and had made his first move to a […]