Blog Update

From here until school starts (August 14) I am going to be making at least two posts a day (two college football schedule predictons or one college football schedule predictions and one NFL/NBA Post). I want my stats to be booming by the time school starts, so make sure you are following me on both […]


Because I only have three suggestioned teams (Michigan State and Ole Miss I’ve done, Mississippi State tomorrow), I will be choosing which teams I will predict next and everyday I’m at camp (those posts will be scheduled and published at 11 AM CT).

Should I start a new blog site for this? (Arkansas Razorbacks,Dallas Cowboys sports review 1)

My new schedule will take effect starting tomorrow including two posts here on Saturday,a Saturday college basketball review on Sunday,as well as a Dallas Cowboys and Arkansas Razorbacks sports review on Sunday,and a top 25 on on Sunday morning to afternoon.Since I want to stay objective on this site (or do you want me […]

Christmas break is ending!!!

Since Christmas break is ending,I’m going to be putting out a raw interchangable schedule until the start of NCAA Tournament.So here it is. Monday-Friday CBH Sports:At least one post on one of these five days. Throwball News:Depending on what happens there will be zero to two posts on Monday through Friday. Saturday CBH Sports:Two posts. […]