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What will Notre Dame’s schedule look like due to scheduling changes are made because of COVID-19?

Due to Notre Dame’s independency in college football and the COVID-19 outbreak, the Irish have some questions for their schedule for 2020. With the Big Ten and Pac-12 going with conference only schedules for the 2020 season, Notre Dame loses not just two opponents on the schedule but two rivals that they play annually, Stanford and USC as well as Big Ten foe Wisconsin.

Notre Dame plays in the ACC in every sport except for football and hockey. ACC Commissioner John Swofford said if the all Power 5 conferences went to conference only slates this season, he and the ACC would help Notre Dame fill out their schedule. Notre Dame could join the ACC in football this season. But the questions are there. Would wins and losses count in the conference column for Notre Dame? Would Notre Dame be eligible for a conference title game if they are played (COVID-19 may keep us from having them). I can answer the first question. I expect, if Notre Dame were to “join” the ACC in football this season, those games would count towards their conference record. But for the second one, time will tell. It might be some work but John Swofford and the ACC could work Notre Dame into the schedule, even if the league would have an odd 15 teams in 2020. Plus, the ACC would be getting leverage in trying to make the Irish stay in the ACC in football for good.

But then, there’s the other option, does Notre Dame keep the six ACC games (There still set to play Navy interconference but the ACC squads they play are Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Duke, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Louisville) they have scheduled and then fill the rest of the games with independents. ACC Commissioner John Swofford only said he would help Notre Dame out, which could lead to either of these scenarios. Notre Dame could fill their four open slots with independents Army, BYU, Connecticut, Liberty, Massachusetts, and New Mexico State.

Thus, if the ACC doesn’t help Notre Dame out, they could be in a tough place with just a six game schedule. Tell me in the comments which you think will be best for the Irish and which one you think will most likely happen.

College Football Independents

cbhsports 2020-2021 College Football Schedule Predictions 11:Notre Dame has tougher schedule than you might think

Week Opponent Predicted Record (W/L)
0 vs.Navy (Dublin,Ireland) Win 1-0 (0-0) Independents
1 Bye None 1-0 (0-0) Independents
2 Arkansas Win 2-0 (0-0) Independents
3 Western Michigan Win 3-0 (0-0) Independents
4 vs.Wake Forest (Charlotte,NC) Loss 3-1 (0-0) Independents
5 vs.Wisconsin (Green Bay,WI) Loss 3-2 (0-0) Independents
6 Stanford Win 4-2 (0-0) Independents
7 at.Pittsburgh Win 5-2 (0-0) Independents
8 Bye None 5-2 (0-0) Independents
9 Duke Win 6-2 (0-0) Independents
10 Clemson Loss 6-3 (0-0) Independents
11 at.Georgia Tech Win 7-3 (0-0) Independents
12 Louisville Win 8-3 (0-0) Independents
13 at.USC Loss 8-4 (0-0) Independents

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Predicting who will be playing in 2021 College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six Games

I will make new predictions after I predict every Power 5 team’s schedule.

Wednesday December 30,2020

2020-2021 Cotton Bowl (Arlington,TX)
Iowa State vs. Boise State

Friday January 1,2021

Peach Bowl (Atlanta,GA)
Georgia vs. Oklahoma

2020-2021 College Football Playoff Semifinals

2020-2021 Rose Bowl (CFP Semifinal) (Pasadena,CA)
1.Clemson vs. 4.Penn State

2020-2021 Sugar Bowl (CFP Semifinal) (New Orleans,LA)
2.Ohio State vs. 3.Alabama

Saturday January 2,2021

2020-2021 Fiesta Bowl (Phoenix,AZ)
Oregon vs. LSU

2020-2021 Orange Bowl (Miami,FL)
Minnesota vs. Notre Dame

Monday January 11,2021 (CFP National Championship) (Miami Gardens,FL)
2.Ohio State vs. 1.Clemson

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Predicting where ESPN’s College Gameday will go each week for the 2020-2021 season

Today I predict where ESPN’s College Gameday show will go each week for their college preview show each week.

Week 0
Navy vs. Notre Dame (Dublin,Ireland)
If Gameday goes anywhere for Week 0, it will be in Dublin for one of the most historic games as they come. Notre Dame taking on Navy.

Week 1
USC vs. Alabama (Arlington,TX)
There aren’t very many top heavy match ups in week one so I chose the annual kickoff game in Arlington between two bluebloods, Alabama and USC.

Week 2
Texas at. LSU
Gameday went to Austin for this game a year ago and boy it was a treat. Why not make the trip down to Baton Rouge for this one?

Week 3
Georgia at. Alabama
I mean, who wouldn’t want to see these two SEC powerhouses play for the first time since 2007. Gameday would love to go to Tuscaloosa. Enough said.

Week 4
Wisconsin at. Michigan
Gameday went to this game many times during the 2010s and I’m not finding too much else that is worth watching. Obviously teams will rise up the rankings and fall down the rankings, but right now this game is the one to watch in week four.

Week 5
Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin (Green Bay,WI)
Yes, Wisconsin is getting Gameday for the second straight week. But at Lambeau Field, this game has to be the one that the Gameday gang goes to.

Week 6
Auburn at. Georgia
While LSU-Florida is also this week, Gameday has already been to Baton Rouge. While they have been to a Georgia game it was not in Athens, so it’s my pick for week six.

Week 7
Texas A&M at. Auburn
If Gameday doesn’t want to be in SEC country for consecutive weeks, they could go to Utah-Washington but Texas A&M seems to be the most talented its ever been under Jimbo Fisher and Gus Malzahn has Auburn as a likely pre-season top ten team.

Week 8
Ohio State at. Penn State
The likely battle for the Big Ten east title in 2020 never disappoints. It might just be Penn State’s year to take down the buckeyes you never know.

Week 9
Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville,FL)
This is usually the de facto championship in the SEC east. So, that’s why gameday goes to Jacksonville on Halloween.

Week 10
Alabama at. LSU
Despite Gameday going to many SEC games, how could they not go to Baton Rouge for a potential de facto SEC west championship yet again in 2020?

Week 11
Washington at. USC
If both teams are good enough and only if they are good enough Gameday could head to Los Angeles for the first time in awhile.

Week 12
Nebraska at. Wisconsin
The right pick for this week would be Texas A&M-Alabama or LSU-Auburn but with the amount of SEC games already attended by Gameday it’s hard to see them going down south again. So, Wisconsin-Nebraska is my pick.

Week 13
Auburn at. Alabama
Both teams will be in the thick of things in the SEC. Enough said.

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Seeding a sixty-four team college football tournament for the 2019-2020 season

Today, I’m going to be announcing the seedings and pairings for what a sixty-four team tournament would’ve looked like in college football during the 2019-2020 season.

Basic Rules:
1.The four teams that made the playoff are the top seeds (LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Oklahoma).
2.Like in the basketball tournament, the top two seed cannot play with the top one seed.
3.Also, I tried my best to not put any of the top four seeded teams together that were in the same conference, but some were inevitable.
4.I used locations that would’ve been used for the 2020 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

South Region (Houston)

St. Louis

8.Arizona State



6.Central Florida

14.Ole Miss

10.Kansas State


West Region (Los Angeles)



12.Virginia Tech

13.Michigan State

6.Air Force
11.Oklahoma State


7.Texas A&M
10.North Dakota State


Midwest Region (Indianapolis)

1.Ohio State



13.South Carolina

St. Louis
6.Air Force

3.Notre Dame

10.Louisiana Tech

15.Wake Forest

East Region (New York)

16.West Virginia

8.San Diego State

5.Appalachian State
12.North Carolina

13.Oregon State

11.Mississippi State

3.Penn State

7.Florida Atlantic


College Football Independents

College Football Schedule Predictions 2019-2020 23:Army should be able to replicate the success it had last season

Week Opponent Predicted Record (W/L)
1 Rice Win 1-0 (0-0) Independents
2 at.Michigan Loss 1-1 (0-0) Independents
3 at.UTSA Win 2-1 (0-0) Independents
4 Morgan State Win 3-1 (0-0) Independents
5 Bye None 3-1 (0-0) Independents
6 Tulane Win 4-1 (0-0) Independents
7 at.Western Kentucky Loss 4-2 (0-0) Independents
8 at.Georgia State Win 5-2 (0-0) Independents
9 San Jose State Win 6-2 (0-0) Independents
10 at.Air Force Win 7-2 (0-0) Independents
11 UMass Win 8-2 (0-0) Independents
12 VMI Win 9-2 (0-0) Independents
13 Bye None 9-2 (0-0) Independents
14 at.Hawaii Win 10-2 (0-0) Independents
15 vs.Navy (Philadelphia,PA) Win 11-2 (0-0) Independents

College Football Independents

College Football Schedule Predictions 2019-2020 6:Can Notre Dame return to the playoff in 2020?

I want to say that I have traveled and that’s why the post will be out late both today and tomorrow. That also means that the two previews I do on soundcloud will not be out until at least next week, but make sure you are following me on soundcloud here.Here are the Notre Dame schedule predictions:

Week Opponent Prediction Record (W/L)
1 at.Louisville Win 1-0 (0-0) Independents
2 Bye None 1-0 (0-0) Independents
3 New Mexico Win 2-0 (0-0) Independents
4 at.Georgia Loss 2-1 (0-0) Independents
5 Virginia Win 3-1 (0-0) Independents
6 Bowling Green Win 4-1 (0-0) Independents
7 USC Win 5-1 (0-0) Independents
8 Bye None 5-1 (0-0) Independents
9 at.Michigan Loss 5-2 (0-0) Independents
10 Virginia Tech Win 6-2 (0-0) Independents
11 at.Duke Win 7-2 (0-0) Independents
12 Navy Win 8-2 (0-0) Independents
13 Boston College Win 9-2 (0-0) Independents
14 at.Stanford Loss 9-3 (0-0) Independents

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College Football Playoff 2018-19 Initial Game Predictions

Orange Bowl (Miami,FL)
1.Alabama 35
4.Oklahoma 31

This is the first REAL defense Heisman front runner and Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray has seen.We will see how Kyler Murray will do against an SEC defense,but with Tua at full strength,Alabama isn’t losing.

Cotton Bowl (Arlington,TX)
2.Clemson 34
3.Notre Dame 30

Notre Dame should take an early lead but seniors on the defensive side for Clemson will lead Clemson to a four point win.

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My FINAL 2018-19 College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six Predictions

The top four teams are going to be announced at around Noon ET so here are my final predictions.


3.Notre Dame

I would pick Georgia to be in the fourth spot because they do deserve another shot versus Alabama but Texas deserves a shot in the Sugar Bowl,too.

Rose Bowl:Washington (Pac-12 First Bid) vs. Ohio State (Big 10 First Bid)
Sugar Bowl:Texas (Big 12 First Bid) vs. Georgia (SEC First Bid)
Fiesta Bowl:Washington State (Pac-12 First Bid) vs. Michigan (Big 10 Second Bid)
Peach Bowl:UCF (American First Bid) vs. Florida (SEC Second Bid)

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Who is still wondering about getting into the playoff?

Definitley In
Notre Dame

Wondering (Good Shot)
Oklahoma-After avenging a regular season loss to Texas,Oklahoma should be the team in because of winning their conference championship.
Ohio State-Northwestern kept it close until the final ten minutes of the game,and their resume is not as good as Oklahoma’s.
Georgia-Georgia should’ve beat Alabama and in my opinion,after Oklahoma,they have the best chance to land the number four spot.

Wondering (Maybe not so good of a chance)
Central Florida-UCF came back in the American Championship to get twenty-five wins in a row but it won’t be enough.

Michigan-Since Clemson,Oklahoma,and Ohio State all didn’t lose they won’t be getting in the CFP after an 11-1 season.