What the NFL should look like…

Hey guys and welcome back to another NFL realignment post. My first post on this site was an NFL realignment post so here it is. NFC East Baltimore Ravens Carolina Panthers Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins North Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Minnesota Vikings South Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs New Orleans Saints Tennessee […]

cbhsports 2019 AFC East Preview:Brady, Patriots should still be on top of the division but the Jets should be competitive

Here is my first NFL Divisional Preview (AFC East). Team on the Rise New York Jets The only way to go is up after a 4-12 season. New York adds former All-Pro tailback Le’Veon Bell and Linebacker CJ Moseley to a big group of youngsters headlined by second year QB Sam Darnold. The Jets should […]

Conference Realignment (Part 6):Making the Pac-12 into a super conference (My Pac-12 realignment and what should happen in the next realignment)

As this series of What if I was a college football god has become the most popular,I have decided to rename all of my posts about this in these following blogs:https://carterbhuffsports.com/2018/08/19/if-i-were-a-college-football-god-part-1-big-12-edition/,https://carterbhuffsports.com/2018/11/22/what-if-i-could-do-conference-alignment-from-the-start/,https://carterbhuffsports.com/2018/11/23/what-if-the-big-12-disbands-and-where-would-each-school-go/,https://carterbhuffsports.com/2018/12/17/what-if-i-was-a-college-football-god-part-4what-if-college-football-had-eight-power-conferences/,and https://carterbhuffsports.com/2018/12/18/what-if-i-was-a-college-football-god-part-5the-perfect-realignment-in-the-acc-if-notre-dame-and-some-other-school-joined-in-all-sports/.Disregard my post about making the Big 12 into a super-conference and take my post about where each school in the Big 12 would […]