Four college prospects (all who are freshmen) who could land the NBA’s number one pick next June

Hey guys!Welcome back.Note:I’m just talking about one Duke prospect because that may bore you.

R.J. Barrett,SF/SG-Duke-Barrett is the most obvious nominee as he may not even be Duke’s leading scorer as the former number one player in the 2018 class after his reclassification from 2019.Barrett is a long wing with six-sven size and the ability to defend the one through the four.

Nassir Little,SF,North Carolina-Ten miles away from Durham,the extremely athletic and willing defender that is Nassir Little will be UNC’s best player (Luke Maye may have something to say about that).Little brings versatility but may not be able to defend any other position,other than the small forward.Little may have the best chances as Duke has many ball dominant player.

Bol Bol,C,Oregon-The seven plus foot center,and the son of former NBA giant Manute Bol,needs to gain more for his size of two hundred twenty-five pounds.Bol provides a reliable scoring option and is a great rim protector due to his height.Bol should be Oregon’s next star but may be the longest shot out of these four prospects.

Romeo Langford,SG,Indiana-Langford,and Cam Reddish,may be the best two scorers in the class.Langford is nice and tall for a two-guard,so maybe he will turn into as mush of a defensive threat as he is on the offensive side.Langford is a good ball handler,and should have many instances doing that in the Hoosier’s offense.

Others who could:Zion Williamson,PF,Duke,Cam Reddish,SG/SF,Duke,Keldon Johnson,SF,Kentucky,

College Football Predictions:LSU 2018-19 Schedule

*=Conference Game
(DAL)=Game in Dallas,TX

Week Opponent Proj. record after game
1 Miami (DAL) 0-1 (0-0) SEC
2 SE Louisiana State 1-1 (0-0) SEC
3 at.*Auburn 1-2 (0-1) SEC
4 Louisiana Tech 2-2 (0-1) SEC
5 *Ole Miss 3-2 (1-1) SEC
6 at.*Florida 4-2 (2-1) SEC
7 *Georgia 4-3 (2-2) SEC
8 *Mississippi State 4-4 (2-3) SEC
9 Bye 4-4 (2-3) SEC
10 *Alabama 4-5 (2-4) SEC
11 at.*Arkansas 5-5 (3-4) SEC
12 Rice 6-5 (3-4) SEC
13 at.*Texas A&M 7-5 (4-4) SEC

College Football Predictions:Clemson 2018-19 Schedule

*=Conference Game

Week Opponent Proj. record after game
1 Furman 1-0 (0-0) ACC
2 at.Texas A&M 2-0 (0-0) ACC
3 Georgia Southern 3-0 (0-0) ACC
4 at.*Georgia Tech 4-0 (1-0) ACC
6 *Syracuse 5-0 (2-0) ACC
7 at.*Wake Forest 6-0 (3-0) ACC
8 Bye 6-0 (3-0) ACC
9 *NC State 7-0 (4-0) ACC
10 at.*Florida State 8-0 (5-0) ACC
11 *Lousville 9-0 (6-0) ACC
12 at.*Boston College 10-0 (7-0) ACC
12 *Duke 11-0 (8-0) ACC
13 South Carolina 12-0 (8-0) ACC

College Football:Alabama 2018-19 Schedule

Tua or Jalen is the main question for Nick Saban as the top ranked tide come into the 2018-19 season.

*=Conference Game
(ORL)=Game in Orlando,Florida

Week Opponent Proj. record after game
1 Louisville (ORL) 1-0 (0-0) SEC
2 Arkansas State 2-0 (0-0) SEC
3 at.*Ole Miss 3-0 (1-0) SEC
4 *Texas A&M 4-0 (2-0) SEC
5 Louisiana Laffayette 5-0 (2-0) SEC
6 at.*Arkansas 6-0 (3-0) SEC
7 *Missouri 7-0 (4-0) SEC
8 at.*Tennessee 8-0 (5-0) SEC
9 Bye 8-0 (5-0) SEC
10 at.*LSU 9-0 (6-0) SEC
11 *Mississippi State 10-0 (7-0) SEC
12 The Citadel 11-0 (7-0) SEC
13 *Auburn 12-0 (8-0) SEC

Carmelo Anthony dealt to Hawks in three team trade,to be bought out

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Former superstar Forward Carmelo Anthony was dealt to the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday but will be bought out.Atlanta will also recive Shooting Guard Justin Anderson.OKC will receive Atlanta starting point guard Dennis Smith Jr. and Philadelphia 76ers Shooting Guard Timothe Luwawu-Carrbarrot,and a 2022 protected top fourteen pick.Atlanta Hawks Power Forward Mike Muscala.The Houston Rockets are the favorites with the Miami Heat and the LA Lakers are others in the hunt for Melo.

Superstar Forward Kawhi Leonard,star Guard DeMar DeRozan swap teams

Superstar Forward Kawhi Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors for star Guard DeMar DeRozan.Here’s the whole trade package:

Spurs Receive
Guard DeMar DeRozan
Center Jakob Poeltl
Protected 2019 First Pick

Raptors Receive
Forward Kawhi Leonard
Guard Danny Green

Initial Thoughts
The Spurs got lucky and did not get desperate,landing a top twenty player in the NBA in DeMar DeRozan,a developing center in Jakob Poeltl,and a first round pick.Kawhi Leonard is a free agent next summer,and we should see how he reacts to this because he could go elsewhere.Danny Green is a nice shooting guard who is a nice three point shooter.

Who are the Raptors receiving?
A top five player in the league,but he could leave instead of re-signing.Danny Green is a guy who could come off the bench because OG Annunoby is too valuable of a piece.The Raptors are now the second best team in the east officially behind the Celtics.

Who are the Spurs receiving?
DeMar DeRozan has three more years on his contract.DeRozan will have to face LeBron again in the playoffs again if they make it they make it that far.Poeltl is a nice developing piece,who it will be hard for the Raptors to replace.

I think that San Antonio may win this trade long-term but even if Kawhi left for LA next summer they would be in a nice retooling mode without DeMar DeRozan’s three year eight-three million dollar deal.

College Football Predictions:Arkansas Razorbacks 2018-19 Schedule

Note:I’m only going to be doing the schedules that I want to predict because its going to be hard to get every schedule prediction out by the start of the season.Let’s start with my home state hogs!
(DAL)=Game in Dallas,TX
(LR)=Game in Little Rock,Arkansas
*=Conference Game

Week Opponent Proj. record after game
1 Eastern Illinois 1-0 (0-0) SEC
2 at.Colorado State 2-0 (0-0) SEC
3 North Texas 3-0 (0-0) SEC
4 *at.Auburn 3-1 (0-1) SEC
5 *Texas A&M (DAL) 3-2 (0-2) SEC
6 *Alabama 3-3 (0-3) SEC
7 *Ole Miss (LR) 4-3 (1-3) SEC
8 Tulsa 5-3 (1-3) SEC
9 *Vanderbilt 6-3 (2-3) SEC
10 Bye 6-3 (2-3) SEC
11 *LSU 6-4 (2-4) SEC
12 *at.Mississippi State 6-5 (2-5) SEC
13 *at.Missouri 6-6 (2-6) SEC

Inside the NBA’s closest Rookie of the Year going into the season in awhile

Luka Doncic-Guard-Dallas Mavericks-Doncic is probably the best overall prospect in the draft,and I would not be surprised if he puts up fourteen points and eight assists.Doncic is a versatile perimeter player with the ability to play the point guard,shooting guard,and small forward which is good due to the likes of guards Dennis Smith Jr. and Yogi Ferrell,and forward Harrison Barnes.Doncic could definitley win the ROTY if he scores more than fifteen points and more than nine assists and makes a good impact in the Mavs’ record.

DeAndre Ayton-Center-Phoenix Suns-Ayton did everything expected in summer league nothing less.Ayton was dominant in college at Arizona as a guy who could average seventeen points and twelve rebounds per game in the NBA.Ayton should develop a jumper and is a willing defender.Ayton along with Devin Booker,Josh Jackson,and the rest of the crew should get the Suns back to at least mediocrity.DeAndre should be a good piece in his home state and fit in with the rest of the young Suns well.

Marvin Bagley-Power Forward-Sacramento Kings-Bagley is a threat from anywhere on the floor including the three pointer as a versatile big man.Bagley and point guard De’Aaron Fox are likely to be the nice young duo in Sac-town for years to come.Bagley may have a hard time adjusting to playing decent defense in the NBA.If he’s a guy who can put up seventeen,twelve,and a block Bagley could possibly go home with some hardware next June.Bagley could explode and be a rookie star but Bagley will have to work to be the winner come next June.

Collin Sexton-Point Guard-Cleveland Cavaliers
Collin Sexton did very well in the summer league,and should be the next one up in Cleveland due to LeBron’s move to LA.Sexton needs to develop a jumper (the only glaring weakness between these four players) but is a great scorer and should defend pretty well come the regular season.Sexton may be overshadowed by Kevin Love but if he and Love lead the Cavs to sneak in the playoffs,Sexton has a good shot at winning the hardware.Sexton should be a guy who puts up fifteen to eighteen points,five assists,and a couple steals.

Where is the only uncommited player in the 2018 ESPN 100?

Darius Bazley,the number thirteen ranked player in the country by ESPN did not make a commitment but is instead is being the first player to forgo college and play in the NBA’s g-league since 2009.At first Darius’ plan was to go the normal route,but changed his mind.Bazley decommited from Ohio State a year ago and signed with Syracuse but then reconsiderd his options after the McDonald’s All-American game.Bazley will be entering the development league draft.

Stars of the Future (Basketball) 2018:Nassir Little (North Carolina signee) (Is he taking MICHAEL’S number?)

Y’all probably thought I was doing Bol Bol next because he was next in the rankings but today we take a look at the sixth ranked player in the country,small forward/shooting guard Nassir Little.

Story:Roy Williams said that it would take awhile before he would offer the five-star.Just a weekend later after a camp that Nassir starred in,Nassir was offered by North Carolina.One of the main reasons Little wants to go to UNC is because he and Roy Williams are winners.Nassir made a commitment to UNC and moved up from number ten in the rankings all the way up to number six.

Scouting Report:Little is exceptionally long with a seven-foot one wing span and is a good sized wing at six-seven.Little is a great athlete with a developing jumper,something so precious in the modern NBA.His defense is very good and should translate over to the next level nicely.He is very tough physically.He needs to work on being mentally tough along with his twenty-six percent three pointer and sixty-nine percent from the free throw line.Overall,Nassir Little is a great athlete and should be a top five pick in the NBA Draft by the summer of 2019 or 2020.