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My College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six Bowl Predictions (After Week 9,First CFP Rankings,going into Week 10)

I am predicting what the committee would do at the end of the season.
These are my projections

1.Alabama-SEC (Projected Champion)
4.Michigan-Big 10 (Projected Champion)

2.Clemson-ACC (Projected Champion)
3.Notre Dame-Independent

Rose Bowl-Ohio State (Big 10 Second Bid) vs. Washington State (Projected Pac-12 Champion)
Sugar Bowl-Texas (Projected Big 12 Champion) vs. LSU (SEC Second Bid)
Fiesta Bowl-Kentucky (SEC Fourth Bid) vs. West Virginia (Big 12 Third Bid)
Peach Bowl-Georgia (SEC Third Bid) vs. Central Florida (Projected American Champion,Projected Lone Group of Five undefeated conference champion)

Why LSU isn’t in top four:Alabama is likely to beat LSU on Saturday taking them out of the discussion for the playoff with two losses.


Where have I been?

I have just been taking a break from blogging on this site due to strenuous school work.I hope to make reviews fro college football but I am busy on the weekends.I hope it doesn’t sound like an excuse because I’m just trying to spend time with my family.Podcasts will come back once I can get storage on my computer.I will be back soon.This is iwstbbacs signing out,

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Is Kelly Bryant’s decision to transfer the right decision?

Clemson QB Kelly Bryant was benched by Head Coach Dabo Swinney as former five-star QB Freshman Trevor Lawrence takes the starting job.”It’s like a slap in the face” Bryant said about his benching.Bryant will be transferring,and is it the right decision.Ovbiously,it is.Bryant is moving on from Clemson as he’s used the four-game and then redshirt transfer for his dream of playing the NFL.Kelly is making the right decision transferring and making the right decision.I applaud you,Kelly.

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College Football Week 4 Review:Stanford stuns Oregon

Stanford defeated Oregon 38-31,on Saturday night.

Georgia defeated Missouri,Auburn blew out Arkansas,Alabama dominated Texas A&M,and Texas defeated TCU.Michigan State got back on track against Indiana,and Penn State blew out Illinois.Old Dominion upset Virginia Tech.Clemson,Ohio State,and Oklahoma all defeated inferior opponents yesterday.

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Is Arkansas in the wrong conference?Immediate reaction to New York Times’s article

I got this article from someone I cannot name and are my hogs in the wrong conference.They have had just one top ten finish since joining the conference in 1991 with South Carolina,and since then has squandered time with Bret Bielema.While it would be easier in the Big 12,Arkansas get seven million dollars a year in the always dominant in football and baseball SEC.I mean at this point West Virginia and Texas are in the same conference but Texas A&M and Texas don’t meet once.Colorado’s move to the Pac-12 is difficult to examine.Former Arkansas player and (and Ole Miss) head coach Houston Nutt said “You’ve got to be better at recruiting and evaluating.” Which I mean in the backyards of powers Alabama,Georgia,Texas A&M,Florida,and LSU is really easy,Arkansas with former Texas high school and SMU Head Coach Chad Morris goes into the lone star state with just one game a year in Texas,in Arlington against old Southwest rival Texas A&M who’ve they have lost to,what six times in a row now?While analyists have talked about that it is great that Arkansas,Rutgers,Boston College,and Louisville (and Pitt,West Virginia,Syracuse and others) that they are in power five conferences,I think those programs would beg to differ.


My initial (not detailed) reaction to Jimmy Butler’s trade request

Sorry I haven’t been posting recently and haven’t been able to make this blog post so I can make a more detailed post later (hopefully this weekend),so here it is.

Jimmy Butler was getting fed up with no one playing defense in Minnesota and for the second time in as many years Jimmy B is on the trade block.Brooklyn,New York,and Los Angeles are three markets that Butler would be able to go to and bring in talent (cough,cough Kyrie Irving) next summer.I think he will be In Los Angeles due to the fact that they have the most cap space.


Three Shooting Guards to watch out for,for the 2018-19 NBA season

Three make or break shooting guards for the 2018-19 NBA season.

1.Devin Booker,Phoenix Suns
He’s got a bunch of young teammates that have gotten one year better.He’s got former number one pick in DeAndre Ayton and defensive specialist Trevor Ariza beside him.His effieciencies should improve with the talent he’s got beside him,and more time as the main ball handler will help him (maybe) reach his first all-star game next February.

2.Buddy Hield,Sacramento Kings
Is Hield the best out of Sacramento’s three wings between Bogdan Bogdanović and Justin Jackson.He will probably get more looks with most of the defensive attention being on Marvin Bagley inside.He will have some decent playmakers in De’Aaron Fox and Bogdanovic to pass to him as well.

3.Zach LaVine,Chicago Bulls
Lavine is making more money than he should be for the Chicago Bulls.He’s been an effiecient scorer most of his career (like back when he was back in Minnesota).LaVine should be a playmaker,and should improve at that.

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College Football Week 3 Review:Ohio State uses second half surge to beat TCU

Ohio State defeated TCU in Arlington,Texas 40-28 Saturday night.

Oklahoma and Notre Dame beat inferior opponents,Iowa State and Vanderbilt respectively by ten points or less.Oklahoma State surprised some people and defeated Boise State,getting them out of any Playoff discussion.Most notably in the SEC,Alabama crushed Ole Miss,62-7,but LSU stunned Auburn on the Plains,with a last second field goal to win,22-21.Most games were top teams against inferior opponents,like Clemson defeating Georgia Southern,and Georgia defeating Middle Tennessee.Wisconsin was upset by BYU.Oh yeah,I forgot to say,Texas defeated USC.


Can Kevin Love become a star like when he was in Minnesota? (Cavs 2018-19 Preview)

Today we are starting NBA 2018-19 previews with the Cleveland Cavaliers.Let’s get into it.

2017-18 Review
Playoffs Result:Lost to GSW in Finals,4-0
Statistical Leaders (per game) (RG=Regular Season) (PS=Postseason)
Points:LeBron James (27.5 RG) (34 PS)
Rebounds:Kevin Love (9.3 RG) (10.2 PS)
Assists:LeBron James (9.1 RG) (9 PS)
Steals:LeBron James (1.4 RG) (1.4 PS)
Blocks:LeBron James (0.9 RG) (1 PS)

Key 2018 Offseason Transactions
LeBron James leaves for Los Angeles Lakers.
Sam Dekker traded from Los Angeles Clippers.
David Nwaba signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Channing Frye signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Projected Rotation
Point Guard
Starter:Collin Sexton
Sexton should fill the same ball usage as LeBron did but needs to develop a better shot.Expect a fourteen point,six rebound,and five assist per game season to open up his NBA career for Sexton.Projected stats per game:14.6 PPG,6.2 RPG,5.6 APG
2.George Hill
3.Isaiah Taylor
Shooting Guard
Starter:JR Smith
Despite having a bad postseason last year,I expect Smith to be focused,and someone who should be a better scorer and more important to the offense now that LeBron is gone.Expect a fifteen point,seven rebound,and three assist per game season out of JR Smith.Projected stats per game:15.4 PPG,7.4 RPG,3.2 APG
2.Jordan Clarkson
3.David Nwaba
Small Forward
Starter:Rodney Hood
While Hood could definitley play shooting guard,I see him fitting at small forward better.While he’s still young,it’s a make or break year for Hood in his first full year in Cleveland.I expect Rodney to shoot forty-five percent from three and average fifteen points,five rebounds,and four assists.Projected stats per game:15.3 PPG,5.8 RPG,4.7 APG
2.Cedi Osman
3.Kyle Korver
Power Forward
Starter:Kevin Love
Kevin Love should return as the player he was in Minnesota (26 PPG,12 or 13 RPG) but I think he has to have one year to grab a hold of the team in Cleveland.Ten plus rebounds are expected now that LeBron is gone and twenty-two points per game should be a goal for Love in 2018-19.I’m expecting Love to put up twenty-three points,ten rebounds,and three assists.Projected stats per game:23.4 PPG,10.6 RPG,3.2 APG
2.Larry Nance Jr.
3.Sam Dekker
4.Channing Frye
Starter:Tristan Thompson should also be a guy who should average a double-double or close to one.He is an amazing offensive rebounder,so I expect a thirteen point,ten rebound per game performance out of Thompson in 2018-19.Projected stats per game:13.3 PPG,10.1 RPG,2.2 APG
2.Larry Nance Jr.
3.Ante Zizic

Projected 2018-19 Record:28-54
Why:The Cavs are now ina rebuilding stage but Collin Sexton should have flashes of a star and Kevin Love should go back to be being the double-double machine that he is.


Three Point Guards to watch out for,for the 2018-19 NBA season

1.Lonzo Ball,PG,Los Angeles Lakers
Ball showed everything in his rookie season:passing,inside scoring,defense,and efficiency (in some parts of his game).With a new shot form,can he become a shooter with the ball being in LeBron’s hands.He will have a great player to pass to,and other things.We will see.

2.De’Angelo Russell,PG,Brooklyn Nets
Russell has flashes of being a forty-point scorer but on some nights he has been almost nonexistent.With Russell,time will tell whether he can run an offense and with fellow guard Spencer Dinwiddie to the playoffs.

3.Terry Rozier,PG,Boston Celtics
Rozier became the fill-in for injured star Kyrie Irving,and was a threat shooting the ball.He averaged almost twenty-points in place of Irving in the playoffs and won’t have a huge role,but could be a star if he switches teams.