Who should start for Georgia,Jake Fromm or Justin Fields?

Thank you to ESPN’s article and Flemlo Raps,a youtuber who just came up with a video similar to my blog post for the post idea.

Who will win Georgia’s Quarterback battle?Will it be Jake Fromm who led Georgia from a play way to win the National Championship or the consensus number one overall player in the country,Justin Fields a dual-threat with loads of potential.I mean why redshirt a guy with Fields’s talent?Jake Fromm has proven,though,that he is a winner.He took the starting job from a former five-star in Jacob Eason and then led the team to the National Championship,and almost won it.Justin Fields is one of the best athletes at the Quarterback position that we’ve seen at the high school level.Jake Fromm was the star of the first season of “QB1 Beyond the Lights” and Fields will be the star of season two.I mean,injuries could definitely happen and we have yet to see “Spring Ball”,so my pick is Jake Fromm who is a proven winner at the collegiate level.

By Carter Huff

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