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Jalen vs. Tua:The Quarterback controversy the media is overhyping

Jalen Hurts:twenty-five and two as a starter at the time is benched during halftime of the CFP National Championship.Tua Tagovailoa is the former four star quarterback who is the best player out of Hawaii since Marcus Mariota.Tua struggled but in overtime,threw a touchdown on second and twenty one to take down Georgia.So there is a controversy right?Nick Saban thinks so.He even asked Jalen Hurts about transferring.

Both guys are the ultimate teammates and are helping each other get better.The media is overhyping this.Jalen and Tua don’t even have beef between each other.They make each other better.Tua may be the better passer and maybe even runner,but Jalen Hurts brings a proven winner at the college level.So Nick Saban,I say,play both of them.

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