Conference Realignment (Part 1):Making the Big 12 a super conference

What if I was a college football god?What if I could make the next moves in conference realignment?We will start with the Big 12 edition,since they need the most of the power five conferences.

In the next big time of conference realignment,the Big 12 will need to convince their biggest money makers,Texas and Oklahoma to stay.But since I’m a college football god,I make them stay.Let’s say that West Virginia’s academics improve and they bolt for the ACC (or the Big 10 if that doesn’t work out),and Iowa State goes to the Big 10.Now the Big 12 wants four schools to join the conference.I would add Memphis,Houston,Tulsa (any other sports than basketball),Wichita State (basketball only), from the American and BYU from the Independents.While Tulsa is decent at basketball,Wichita State would be a huge addition in the sport.Tulsa would go back to the American for basketball.Find out who the American and the Indepedents would replace for Houton,Memphis,Tulsa,and BYU.BYU would be the new West Virginia,having to travel the most.Here would be the divisions:

South-Baylor,Houston,Memphis,Texas,TCU,Texas Tech
North-BYU,Kansas,Kansas State,Oklahoma,Oklahoma State,Tulsa (Any other sport than basketball),Wichita State (Basketball only member)

By Carter Huff

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