Notre Dame defeats Michigan,24-17.How will Michigan handle another bad start to a season?Can they pick it up and win a Big 10 championship for the first time in the John Harbaugh era?I don’t think so,the way this is going.

Tua Tagovailoa shined against Louisville as he scored touchdowns on three of the four drives he was in the backfield.Meanwhile,Jalen Hurst ahd one drive and passed for just thirty yards.Alabama defeated Louisville in Orlando,51-14.Tua will start in week two.

LSU,using the ground game defeated Miami in Arlington,33-17.

Other scores:Michigan State 38,Utah State 31,Arkansas 55,Eastern Illinois 20,Arkansas State 48,SEMO 21,Central Florida 56,UCONN 17,Stanford 31,San Diego State 10,Wisconsin 34,Western Kentucky 3,Oklahoma 63,Florida Atlantic 14,Ohio State 77,Oregon State 31,TCU 55,Southern 7,Maryland 34,Texas 29,Clemson 48,Furman 7,Penn State 45,Appalachian State 38,Georgia 45,Austin Peay 0,West Virginia 40,Tennessee 14,Auburn 21,Washington 16,USC 43,UNLV 21,Mississippi State 63,Stephen F. Austin 6,Oregon 58,Bowl Green 24

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