Conference Realignment (Part 6):Making the Pac-12 into a super conference (My Pac-12 realignment and what should happen in the next realignment)

As this series of What if I was a college football god has become the most popular,I have decided to rename all of my posts about this in these following blogs:,,,,and my post about making the Big 12 into a super-conference and take my post about where each school in the Big 12 would go if it disbanded into because in this series of posts about making each,now,power four conference in super conferences.

The Pac-12 would add Texas,Texas Tech,Oklahoma,and Oklahoma State from the now disbanded Big 12.That is all the Pac-12 would add but they would start something called the pod system.A team would play every team from their pod and would play every other team from one pod in 2019-2020 and would play the other two by 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.In the other pods that a pod wasn’t playing,they would play the teams from the other pods who finished in the same standing that they did in their pod.

Here are the pods
Conference Records are from 2018-19 college football season

Midwest Pod (Pod A) Plays all of of Pod B in 2019-2020
1.Oklahoma (8-1) Pod C:at.Stanford Pod D:Washington
2.Texas (7-2) Pod C:California Pod D:at.Washington State
3.Texas Tech (3-6) Pod C:at.USC Pod D:Oregon
4.Oklahoma State (3-6) Pod C:UCLA Pod D:at.Oregon State

Mountain Pod (Pod B) Plays all of Pod A in 2019-2020
1.Utah (6-3) Pod C:Stanford Pod D:at.Washington
2.Arizona State (5-4) Pod C:at.Cal Pod D:Washington State
3.Arizona (3-6) Pod C:USC Pod D:at.Oregon
4.Colorado (2-7) Pod C:at.UCLA Pod D:Oregon State

Golden Pod (Pod C) Plays all of Pod D in 2019-2020
1.Stanford (6-3) Pod A:Oklahoma Pod B:at.Utah
2.California (4-5) Pod A:at.Cal Pod B:Arizona State
3.USC (4-5) Pod A:Texas Tech Pod B:at.USC
4.UCLA (3-6) Pod A:at.Oklahoma State Pod B:UCLA

Northwest Pod (Pod D) Plays all of Pod C in 2019-2020
1.Washington (7-2) Pod A:at.Oklahoma Pod B:Utah
2.Washington State (7-2) Pod A:Texas Pod B:at.Arizona State
3.Oregon (5-4) Pod A:at.Texas Tech Pod B:Arizona
4.Oregon State (1-8) Pod A:Oklahoma State Pod B:at.Colorado

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