Arkansas Razorbacks,Dallas Cowboys Weekly Review 2.0:Let’s appreciate Amari Cooper for a minute,Ty Storey puts name in transfer portal

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Amari Cooper turned the Dallas Cowboys’ season around.Dallas went 8-3 with him including the loss last night to the LA Rams.Amari caught a touchdown,making the game 7-3 at the time,in the Cowboys’ favor.Dak Prescott did not turn the ball over making him 24-3 in his career when he did not turn the ball over in the game.Ezekiel Elliott was held to under fifty yards rushing and it was the exact opposite for the Rams.Backup running back CJ Anderson ran all over the Cowboys’ defense with big gaps coming from his athletic offensive line.LA beat Dallas 30-22.

Arkansas QB Ty Storey,who would be a fifth year senior,has put his name in the transfer portal.As more and more graduate transfers at QB come in to visit,like Ben Hicks from SMU,yesterday,it will be easier to land them because of Storey’s transfer exploration.Also,former Arkansas starting QB Cole Kelley made it official to return to his home state and transfer to the FCS’s Southeast Louisiana.

Arkansas basketball (men’s) is on a two game losing streak.The hogs lost a low scoring game versus Florida,a game where they were down by a lot,and lost to ranked LSU in overtime.NBA prospect and Arkansas center Daniel Gafford had a minimal showing in the Florida loss but put up a career high in points in the loss to LSU,scoring thirty-two points and adding seven rebounds.

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