On Senior night,Senior Guard Kenny Williams scored a season-high eighteen points and Freshman Guard Coby White scored twenty-one points in 3.North Carolina’s win over 4.Duke.Duke wing RJ Barrett led the Blue Devils in scoring with twenty-six points in the loss.North Carolina,26-5 (16-2) ACC, clinched the regular season sweep of Duke (for the first time it feels like in forever) and will head into the ACC Tournament (Charlotte) as the two seed and a share of the ACC title with one seed and 2.Virginia.4.Duke,26-5 (14-4) ACC), goes into the ACC Tournament as the three seed and a chance to meet North Carolina for a third time in the ACC Semifinals next Friday.Duke lost Sophomore Forward Marques Bolden to an injury on a failed block attempt on UNC Forward Garrison Brooks.Duke Freshman Forward Zion Williamson missed his sixth straight game with a mild knee sprain and the Blue Devils have fallen to a five hundred record of three and three without him in the lineup.Williamson should be ready for the ACC Tournament next week.Duke will fall down from a one seed most likely and North Carolina will become a number one seed after this game.

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