Predicting where the top five NBA Free Agents will go if they leave their current teams

5.Klay Thompson,SG,Golden State Warriors
If he leaves:LA Lakers
Klay will most likely remain a “Splash Brother” and remain with the four time possibly five time reigning champion Golden State Warriors. If Klay does leave Oakland, though, he will stay in state and team up with LeBron James and join the Los Angeles Lakers.

4.Kemba Walker,PG,Charlotte Hornets
If he leaves:Milwaukee Bucks or New York Knicks
Point Guard Kemba Walker has played in a losing small market Charlotte for all of his career. Either he makes a contender in the Bucks better or he goes home (he’s from New York) and teams up with another star free agent (Kevin Durant possibly). Walker is a shooter who could really complement Giannis in Milwaukee.

3.Kyrie Irving,PG,Boston Celtics
If he leaves:Brooklyn Nets or New York Knicks
Irving will stay in the Atlantic division but will be a Knick or a Net.Irving is done with Boston’s struggles and should make an early decision as free agency begins a day early this year on June 30.

2.Kawhi Leonard,SF,Toronto Raptors
If he leaves:LA Clippers
While Kawhi is having success in Toronto, Leonard deserves to be in LA. Leonard is an excellent player who could return to Toronto, but it is Leonard’s turn to make a decision. Leonard will most likely be a Clipper in 2019-2020.

1.Kevin Durant,SF,Golden State Warriors
If he leaves:New York Knicks
Kevin Durant has been hinting this out on all of his social medias. He wants to create his own legacy and prove that he is an actual great player that doesn’t have to play with multiple stars to win a championship. What better way to prove your greatness.

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