Injured Klay Thompson will impact the NBA Finals more than you think

Klay Thompson’s left hamstring injury has yet to be identified as his MRI results will not be shown as Golden State’s plane ride to Oakland will arrive late. But most likely, Warriors Guard Klay Thompson will be out for at least a game, maybe more. Here are the effects of Klay Thompson’s injury in the NBA Finals.

Joining injured Forward Kevin Durant, wing Andre Iguodala and big man Kevon Looney, this decreases the depth in a tough NBA Finals. One Raptors guard whether it be Kyle Lowry, Fred VanVleet, or Norman Powell, will be successful as Klay’s terrific defense won’t be able to contain a Raptor from scoring. There will also have to be a scorer who will replace Klay’s production, as Klay has been the hottest scorer on the team, so someone will have to step up. Again, he hasn’t officially been ruled out, but if he is, these are the reasons the Golden State Warriors will miss him in the upcoming games of the 2019 NBA Finals.

By Carter Huff

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