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What I will be doing going forward…

So until I go to camp (July 14-26) please give me suggestions on what college football teams to do schedule predictions. Once I leave for camp, there will be a college football schedule prediction post every day (those posts will be scheduled). They will come out at 11 AM CT every day. So in the comments section of this post only, I will be taking suggestions from y’all of who to do the next college football schedule predictions. I will also put a video up on explaining this. For the NBA, I will be doing free agency posts that happen after the fourteenth once I get back so I can give full detail on those posts. So, when I am gone y’all will still have a post. For throwballnews, I will make a post on that over on that site, so make sure to go check it out, because it will come out the same day as this post.

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I'm Carter. I'm an aspiring sports journalist and growing Youtuber. My sports youtube channel is cbhsports ( Hope y'all enjoy my posts!

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