The top ten 2020 NBA Free Agents

1.Anthony Davis,PF/C,Los Angeles Lakers,Player Option
Davis will likely opt out of his player option next summer and get a long-term deal with the Lakers. It is unlikely Anthony Davis will be anywhere but LA in the next five to ten years.

2.DeMar DeRozan,SG/SF,San Antonio Spurs,Player Option
DeRozan has been successfull as a Spur but will he look to go back home to LA and join the Clippers or Lakers? Its either LA or staying in San Antonio for DeRozan.

3.Ben Simmons,PG/SF,Philadelphia 76ers,Restricted
Simmons and the 76ers are working towards a long-term deal. So likely, Simmons will not be in this pool of players next summer.

4.Draymond Green,PF,Golden State Warriors,Unrestricted
If Golden State lets Green walk, I predict Green will be gone. If they offer him a three or four year deal for over one hundred million dollars, Green will still be in San Francisco in 2020-21.

5.Andre Drummond,C,Detroit Pistons,Player Option
Drummond should look at his options out of Detroit because he could be a solid starter on a contender in either conference at center.

6.Pascal Siakam,PF,Toronto Raptors,Restricted
If Siakam gets big money elsewhere does Toronto match the offer? I don’t think so. While Siakam is an excellent defender, he is inefficient on offense and doesn’t have a perimeter shot.

7.Danilo Gallinari,SF,OKC Thunder,Unrestricted
Gallinari could be out of OKC as soon as the trade deadline after being dealt for Paul George as OKC looks to rebuild with young players and draft picks the LA Clippers sent them for Paul George.

8.Montrezl Harrell,PF/C,LA Clippers,Unrestricted
Harrell should have interest from multiple teams but LA should look to keep him.

9.Jaylen Brown,SG,Boston Celtics,Restricted
Brown will probably be retained by Boston as the free agency class in 2020 isn’t near as talented as it is this summer.

10.Gordon Hayward,SF,Boston Celtics,Player Option
Hayward will likely opt in to his big player option that Boston gave him in the summer of 2017.

Someone to think about:DeMarcus Cousins,C,LA Lakers,Unrestricted
Cousins could be a big help to the Lakers this upcoming season or he could be a no show. Cousins is coming off the worst basketball injury any player could have, so anything is possible for Cousins’s free agency in 2020.

By Carter Huff

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