2019 cbhsports top 5 NFL Fantasy QBs

So, I’m back to my old schedule with a little twist. Most of the big moves in NBA Free Agency have been over for a long time. So most of the NBA posts will be turning into NFL/Fantasy Football posts. So today, I am going to rank the top five (my opinion) fantasy football quarterbacks in the NFL, headed into 2019-2020.

5.Baker Mayfield,Cleveland Browns
The big reason he’s here is because of the playmakers Mayfield has. Bringing in two former college standouts that have done great in the NFL in Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. If Mayfield can get it to those guys, some drafters may reach for Baker in the first few rounds.

4.Deshaun Watson,Houston Texans
I think the top four is pretty much its own tier. Watson had a historic rookie season in 2017-18 before getting hurt at the mid way point of the season. After getting back on his feet, Watson made it obvious that both his legs and throwing ability will make him a fantasy owner’s dream when they pick him.

3.Aaron Rodgers,Green Bay Packers
We know Rodgers is probably the most talented QB on this list. Now that Mike McCarthy is gone and Matt LaFleur is in, will Aaron be able to get back to the production that everyone knows he can get to? As long as Aaron is able to throw as much as he wants to, Rodgers will see a huge fantasy improvement in 2019.

2.Andrew Luck,Indianapolis Colts
Luck went on a terror in 2018 and made sure that people knew if he was healthy he is going to put up huge numbers. Luck should lead Indianapolis back into the playoffs and have huge numbers in 2019.

1.Patrick Mahomes,Kansas City Chiefs
Mahomes put up big fantasy numbers in his sophomore season. If he has top tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill, Mahomes should have similar numbers or better in his third NFL season.

By Carter Huff

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