cbhsports 2019-2020 NBA Preview

The NBA season starts tomorrow so here’s my preview for you.

Predicted Standings (Teams that will be in the playoffs)

Eastern Conference
1.Milwaukee Bucks
2.Philadelphia 76ers
3.Boston Celtics
4.Indiana Pacers
5.Miami Heat
6.Toronto Raptors
7.Brooklyn Nets
8.Orlando Magic

Western Conference
1.LA Clippers
2.Denver Nuggets
3.LA Lakers
4.Houston Rockets
5.Utah Jazz
6.Golden State Warriors
7.Portland Trail Blazers
8.San Antonio Spurs

2020 cbhsports NBA champion:LA Lakers

Predicted Award Winners
MVP:LeBron James,SF/PG,LA Lakers
ROY:Zion Williamson,PF,New Orleans Pelicans
DPOY:Rudy Gobert,C,Utah Jazz
MIP:Lonzo Ball,PG,New Orleans Pelicans
COY:Doc Rivers,Head Coach,LA Clippers

By carterbhuff

I'm Carter. I'm an aspiring sports journalist and growing Youtuber. My sports youtube channel is cbhsports ( Hope y'all enjoy my posts!

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