Assessing college football’s new rule changes for 2020

One big change to college football is that player’s ejected for targeting won’t have to exit to the locker room. They’ll be able to cheer on their teammates instead of having to sit in front of their locker. I agree with this change, because there’s no reason to penalize a player for just trying to help his team make a big play to change a game.

Another huge rule change that almost everyone who reads this will agree with. Officials have to keep instant replay video reviews two minutes or less. This will undoubtedly speed up the game for unnecessary reviews.

The final big rule change is that no more than two players on a team get to wear the same number. Players who are wearing the same number cannot play the same position or be on the field at the same time. This is a problem because teams are now as big as ever in size. Players will be able to wear number 0 this season if they wish unlike in past seasons.

By Carter Huff

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