Taking a look at the NBA’s 22-team format to finish the season

The 16 teams in the NBA Playoffs will head to Orlando along with six other teams within six games of the playoffs. Teams will play eight regular season games apiece before a possible play-in tournament for the eighth seed in each conference. Then, the NBA will continue with it’s usual four round playoffs with best of seven series.

Teams finishing out the season:

Eastern Conference
1.Milwaukee Bucks 53-12
2.Toronto Raptors 46-18
3.Boston Celtics 43-21
4.Miami Heat 41-24
5.Indiana Pacers 39-26
6.Philadelphia 76ers 39-26
7.Brooklyn Nets 30-34
8.Orlando Magic 30-35
9.Washington Wizards 24-40

Western Conference
1.LA Lakers 49-14
2.LA Clippers 44-20
3.Denver Nuggets 43-22
4.Utah Jazz 41-23
5.Oklahoma City Thunder 40-24
6.Houston Rockets 40-24
7.Dallas Mavericks 40-27
8.Memphis Grizzlies 32-33
9.Portland Trail Blazers 29-37
10.New Orleans Pelicans 28-36
11.Sacramento Kings 28-36
12.San Antonio Spurs 27-36
13.Phoenix Suns 26-39

Here is the proposed schedule for the NBA’s return:

June 30
Training camps begin

July 7
All 22 teams travel to Orlando, continue training camp

July 31
2019-2020 NBA season resumes

August 3
NBA Draft Withdrawal Date

August 25
2020 NBA Draft Lottery

October 12
Last day of NBA regular season (if necessary)

October 15
2020 NBA Draft

October 18
2020 NBA Free Agency begins

*Target dates for next season*

November 10
2020-2021 NBA Training Camp begins

December 1
2020-2021 NBA Season begins

My thoughts:Everything will likely move forward and go according to plan with the resuming of the 2019-2020 NBA season. But, less than a month of rest for teams who played deep into the playoffs? I don’t think so. Playing a forty or so game schedule and beginning in January or February seems more realistic to me. Then, the NBA and NBAPA can get back to “normal” scheduling for the 2021-2022 season.

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