What will Notre Dame’s schedule look like due to scheduling changes are made because of COVID-19?

Due to Notre Dame’s independency in college football and the COVID-19 outbreak, the Irish have some questions for their schedule for 2020. With the Big Ten and Pac-12 going with conference only schedules for the 2020 season, Notre Dame loses not just two opponents on the schedule but two rivals that they play annually, Stanford and USC as well as Big Ten foe Wisconsin.

Notre Dame plays in the ACC in every sport except for football and hockey. ACC Commissioner John Swofford said if the all Power 5 conferences went to conference only slates this season, he and the ACC would help Notre Dame fill out their schedule. Notre Dame could join the ACC in football this season. But the questions are there. Would wins and losses count in the conference column for Notre Dame? Would Notre Dame be eligible for a conference title game if they are played (COVID-19 may keep us from having them). I can answer the first question. I expect, if Notre Dame were to “join” the ACC in football this season, those games would count towards their conference record. But for the second one, time will tell. It might be some work but John Swofford and the ACC could work Notre Dame into the schedule, even if the league would have an odd 15 teams in 2020. Plus, the ACC would be getting leverage in trying to make the Irish stay in the ACC in football for good.

But then, there’s the other option, does Notre Dame keep the six ACC games (There still set to play Navy interconference but the ACC squads they play are Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Duke, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Louisville) they have scheduled and then fill the rest of the games with independents. ACC Commissioner John Swofford only said he would help Notre Dame out, which could lead to either of these scenarios. Notre Dame could fill their four open slots with independents Army, BYU, Connecticut, Liberty, Massachusetts, and New Mexico State.

Thus, if the ACC doesn’t help Notre Dame out, they could be in a tough place with just a six game schedule. Tell me in the comments which you think will be best for the Irish and which one you think will most likely happen.

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I think for 2020 that ND should be included in the ACC football conference. Next year return to normal after this Covid stuff is in our rear view mirror. There should be a vaccine available by late 2020 or early 2021.

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