This next week will be the final week of this blog “regime”

The posts next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be final three posts before I make changes to the blog before my freshman year which begins Wednesday August 19. The post announcing the changes will be made Saturday August 15 at 2 PM CT, and a post schedule for the entire school year a day later on Sunday August 16 at 2 PM CT. The week of August 10-14 I will take a break to make finalizations to my new blog regime and to get ready for the school year. But if you want a preview of next Friday’s post here you go:

What if there was a Friday Night Lights Season 6?

In Dillon, change is minimal. But without Coach Taylor and his wife Tami, it seems like Dillon’s world was flipped upside down. Vince Howard is praised as Dillon’s top prospect since “Smash” Williams and best QB recruit since Jason Street. The Dillon boosters name Mac as the new head coach of the newly formed “super team” and subsequently he announces it will be his final season of coaching. Coach Taylor adjusts to life coaching high school football in Pennsylvania and Tami tries to get into the inner circle of faulty at Braemore College. Also in this season Matt and Julie make plans for their wedding, Tim and Matt buy tickets to watch Smash play at Texas A&M, Buddy Garrity is given the “chair at the head of the table” again and is named Dillon’s lead booster, and Tim and Tyra grow even closer. In depth looks at Dillon and East Dillon alumni make up a big part of this season as fans take a glance at life after high school and Dillon. At the end of the season, Vince Howard is tasked with making the biggest decision of his life, picking a college. Every college under the sun has offered a scholarship to the QB, but it feels like it is only making the decision harder. In the town of Dillon’s first football season without Coach Taylor, the town goes back to feeling like they did right after Taylor was originally hired. That and more in the final season of Friday Night Lights.

By Carter Huff

Please enjoy all of my content :) <3-Carter.

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