I’m making major changes to the blog…(MUST READ)

Hey guys, what’s going on. I hope your last few weeks of summer have been good. Due to the fact that I am moving onto high school, I have decided to make some big changes to the blog.

First thing is I’m making this a pro Arkansas and SEC blog. I live in and love the natural state so it won’t be hard for me to do. While I love the NBA and NFL and know tons about it, I am not as knowledgeable about that as I am about college sports. Don’t worry, I will still make Super Bowl and NBA Finals Predictions but that will be it for those respective leagues.

I will make posts at 5 PM CT on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday and Wednesday will be Arkansas/SEC sports posts. On Fridays, like last season, a weekly college football preview will go up. Until the week of August 22-29 (CFB’s 2020 Week 1 is September 4-7), a college football news post will go up. College basketball weekly previews/posts will be fit into the schedule accordingly when the season begins. My 2021-2022 College Football Schedule Previews will just include SEC schools along with 16 other suggested teams in the comments making a total of just thirty college football schedule predictions for the 2021-2022 season. My 2021-2022 College Football Schedule Previews will begin going up on week days the week of April 5. Here’s how the first week of FOOTBALL season will work for my new blog regime:

REMINDER:All posts are scheduled to come out at 5 PM CT time.

Monday August 31
Arkansas/SEC Sports Post

Wednesday September 2
Arkansas/SEC Sports Post

Friday September 4
2020-2021 cbhsports College Football Week 1 Preview

OTHER UPDATES-I would like to formally welcome Dylan to the blog. He has never formally been introduced to the blog, so I thought I would do so. He will not be following my schedule but he is doing great work for my blog. He is going to be posting about Arkansas high school sports at more random times. His username is DillPickArkansas so make sure to give him some love by liking his posts. He’s been helping me out on my other blog, throwballnews, and deserves some praise.

By Carter Huff

Please enjoy all of my content :) <3-Carter.

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Just finished reading. I think your changes are spectacular!!! Why? Because I’m a Hog Homer all the way!!! Next to the Hogs I’m big time into the SEC!!! So your new blog format will definitely be a win win for me!!! Thanks for all the effort you put into making this blog happen!!!

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