The NCAA Football video game is officially coming back

Yes, you read the title right, NCAA Football video games made by EA Sports will return. For the first time since July of 2013, when EA Sports published the then final installment of NCAA Football, titled “NCAA Football 14”, the series will return but under a new name. The new installments will be called “EA Sports College Football”, which according to an ESPN FAQ article, EA Sports vice president and general manager Daryl Holt said “There’s a lot of things happening and there’s a lot of things happening in sports. EA Sports College Football gives us a name and a brand to kind of work around for some things that might evolve as well as what we’re focusing on really out of the gate, which is really the FBS Division I school and the road to the College Football Playoff and College Football Championship. So EA Sports College Football, we just felt, is the right name for the product for not only now but also as we move forward.” The article also mentioned that there will be no game this year according to Holt, but to look at EA Sports announcement as a commitment for the game to return. Furthermore, no name, image, likeness law needs to be changed with the NCAA for the first edition “EA Sports College Football” to continue. Finally, I want to shout out @bring.back.ncaa, @cfbrevamped on Instagram as well as Flemlo Raps on YouTube who have all pushed for the return of my favorite video game ever.

By Carter Huff

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