cbhsports 2021 men’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament Second Round (Round of 32) Preview

Here are my 2021 Round of 32 predictions.

West Region

1.Gonzaga over 8.Oklahoma

13.Ohio over 5.Creighton

3.Kansas over 6.USC

2.Iowa over 7.Oregon

East Region

8.LSU over 1.Michigan

4.Florida State over 5.Colorado

11.UCLA over 14.Abilene Christian

2.Alabama over 10.Maryland

South Region

1.Baylor over 9.Wisconsin

13.North Texas over 5.Villanova

6.Texas Tech over 3.Arkansas

15.Oral Roberts over 7.Florida

Midwest Region

1.Illinois over 8.Loyola-Chicago

4.Oklahoma State over 12.Oregon State

3.West Virginia over 11.Syracuse

2.Houston over 10.Rutgers

By Carter Huff

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