CFP’s potential 12-team model: Everything you need to know

Per ESPN’s Heather Dinich, “next week commissioners will meet in Chicago next Thursday and Friday to have the most important and significant discussions about the college football postseason since it went from two to four (teams)”. Dinich went onto explain that the 12-team model, “which has been floating around for a month now” could be seen as the right way to move forward or it might not be. Commissioners including the SEC’s Greg Sanky and the Big 12’s Bob Bowlsby among many others, are set to look at different twelve team models. If there is a consensus, a model they agree on, the following Tuesday in Dallas, the commissioners will present it to the CFP Selection Committee, the eleven university presidents and chancellors with the power to change the playoff. If the eleven presidents approve “they will be given the green light” to figure out how to do this. Dinich confirmed that the first time the 12-team playoff could be seen as a reality is as early as September.

What a 12-team format could look like, “fix” in college football:
According to an article on SI, a likely twelve-team format would include automatic bids to every Power 5 conference champion and the best Group of 5 conference champion plus six other at-large bids. The Group of Five has not been included in any CFP since its inception in 2015, but with a twelve team model that could change the Group of Five’s grudge versus the CFP.

As I get more information, I will keep updating readers on CFP expansion.

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