Yet another update, Summer Schedule

Image citation: University of Arkansas Athletics. Arkansas Getting at Least Seven Seniors Back, Should Help Tremendously in 2021. NWA Homepage, 30 Dec. 2020, Accessed 14 Feb. 2021.

Here are changes I am making to the blog:

Things staying the same:

National college football and college basketball posts and previews

Arkansas posts every so often

The same thing I did with 2021-2022 cbhsports College Football Previews. Preview all fourteen SEC teams as well as having y’all fans pick sixteen other Power 5 schools for me to preview.

Things changing:

No Arkansas and SEC posts every week. I did not even make it a month and a half posting just Arkansas and SEC content.

Similar to my 2021-2022 cbhsports College Football Previews, I will do 2022-2023 cbhsports College Basketball Conference Previews, instead of doing a preview for every college basketball team, it will make it simpler and easier.

I will begin doing regular NBA and NFL posts again. Previews and regular news posts. Nothing more than that.

And anything I really want to write. There’s no telling what’s going to happen in our lives. So, don’t be surprised if I jump ship yet again on my word for the blog posts I do. So, enjoy all of my blog posts for the rest of the summer and the upcoming school year. An official post schedule will be coming out in August.

Here is everything I plan on posting this summer (All posts to come out at 2 PM CT unless otherwise notified):

April 5-June 11
2021-2022 cbhsports College Football Previews (All will likely be updated and finished by the middle of June; all SEC previews are already live but just have to be updated, non-SEC previews still have to be published). Do not worry I will have the cbhsports 2021-2022 SEC Football up on August 21 and the 2021-2022 cbhsports College Football Preview up a week later on August 28, those will be listed on my cbhsports post schedule 2021-2022.

May 28-
Various College Football, College Basketball, College Baseball, NBA, and NFL News Posts

June 24
2021-2022 cbhsports AFC East Preview

July 1
2021-2022 cbhsports NFC East Preview

July 7
2021 cbhsports NBA Finals Preview

July 8
2021-2022 cbhsports AFC North Preview

July 15
2021-2022 cbhsports NFC North Preview

July 22
2021-2022 cbhsports AFC South Preview

July 29
2021-2022 cbhsports NFC South Preview

August 2-31
2021 NBA Free Agency Posts

August 5
2021-2022 cbhsports AFC West Preview

August 12
2021-2022 cbhsports NFC West Preview

August 15
2021-2022 cbhsports NFL Preview (11 AM CT)

NFL Previews: From Thursday June 24th to Thursday August 12 I will do divisional previews for each NFL division. Then on Saturday August 14, I will put it all together in a post.

I will make a separate post for my tentative schedule for the school year on August 15.

By Carter Huff

Please enjoy all of my content :) <3-Carter.

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