ACC College Basketball

My pick to win it all in April…

Nope not Duke,not Carolina,not Kansas,not Villanova.Nope.My early pick to win the NCAA Men’s College Basketball National Championship is Virginia.

The Cavaliers have one of the best defenses any of us have ever seen and dominated the ACC during the regular season,aside from one defeat at the hands of Virginia Tech in stunning fashion.Because of their good… sorry great defense means that they only have to put up sixty-five points per game.They should get to the Final Four in easy fashion and they’ve got some good offensive players even if their defense is the best in years.If they dominate in the ACC Tournament and ride it in to the NCAAs,there is almost no reason why the Virginia Cavaliers should not win the whole thing in early April.

By carterbhuff

I'm Carter. I'm an aspiring sports journalist and growing Youtuber. My sports youtube channel is cbhsports ( Hope y'all enjoy my posts!

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