Champ week is this week…Duke-Carolina number three in the ACC Tournament Semifinals,no,that is not what I’m talking about today.Why didn’t Arkansas big man Daniel Gafford not win co-SEC Freshman of the year along with Alabama Guard Collin Sexton and Kentucky Forward Kevin Knox?

No,I’m not being biast,this guy shot up the draft boards as Arkansas has won seven out of their last nine games and Gafford is a main reason for it (And Macon,and Barford both All-SEC First Teamers).Plus Sexton and Knox are both great players.The hogs started 2-4 in SEC play and finished 8-4 to close it (Thanks SEC Country for that stat).Gafford was once somebody nobody even thought of to be a first round pick and then shot up draft boards.The best game of his career was just a week ago Tuesday,as Gafford put up twenty-one points and added ten rebounds and added seven blocks,maybe Gaffords biggest trademark.Gafford averages two and a half blocks per game,above six rebounds and twelve points and he is almost a lottery pick like Sexton and Knox may not eeven be a lottery pick.He has insane stats so why wasn’t Gafford recognized?We will never know but Daniel Gafford is definitley a great player no matter what.

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