Who wins Rookie of the Year?

Who wins the NBA Rookie of the Year?

Ben Simmons-The 6’10 Point Guard led the Philadelphia 76ers the the third seed in Eastern Conference while averaging sixteen points, eight assists, and eight rebounds.No rookie has ever done that, but by definition,Ben Simmons is not a rookie by definition.He got hurt last year and was with the team last season.Rookie means a member of an athletic team in his or her first full season in that sport.That might ruin Ben Simmons case for the award but if he qualifies as a legit rookie,then I’ll think he will get the hardware.

Donavan Mitchell-The mid first round pick out of Louisville has stunned everybody and led the Jazz in scoring to the NBA Playoffs as the fifth seed in the Western Conference.While he did not actually lead this team (DOPY Candidate Rudy Gobert,etc.),Mitchell has a rookie record of three point attempts.He averages twnty and a half points per game along with four rebounds and four assists.Mitchell is a scoring threat almost anywhere on the floor.

If he qualifies as a “real” rookie,I will pick Ben Simmons to win the Rookie of the Year but just by a hair.If the voters don’t think Simmons is a rookie I ovbiously have Donavan Mitchell winning.It is a tight race.

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