2019 cbhsports NBA Playoffs First Round Predictions

While I haven’t watched enough NBA basketball this year, I will be making my first round predictions for the 2019 playoffs right now.I hope you guys enjoy them. Eastern Conference 1.Milwaukee Bucks 4 8.Detroit Pistons 1 Giannis Antentokounmpo should lead the way over a Detroit Pistons team that should win one game on their home […]

Arkansas star Center Gafford puts name in draft,won’t play in NIT

Arkansas star Center Daniel Gafford won’t play in the NIT Tournament,as he has put his name in the draft and signed with an agent.Gafford,a projected first round pick a year ago,decided to come back for another year in Fayetteville.His numbers improved across the board where he averaged seventeen points,nine rebounds,and shot an amazing sixty-six percent […]

NBA:Conference Standings headed into the New Year

Eastern Conference 1.Milwaukee Bucks 24-10 2.Toronto Raps 26-11 3.Indiana 24-12 4.Philadelphia 76ers 23-13 5.Boston Celtics 20-14 6.Charlotte Hornets 17-17 7.Miami Heat 17-17 8.Detroit Pistons 16-17 Western Conference 1.Denver Nuggets 22-11 2.Oklahoma City Thunder 22-12 3.Golden State Warriors 23-13 4.LA Clippers 21-14 5.Portland Trail Blazers 20-15 6.Houston Rockets 19-15 7.LA Lakers 20-16 8.Sacramento Kings 19-16

Will the Draymond Green and Kevin Durant scuffle end the Warriors’ dynasty?

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant had a few words for each other during the Warriors loss to the Clippers when Kevin Durant had a wide open shot to win the game and Draymond didn’t pass to him. Could this end the Warrior’s dynasty?Will this scuffle end immediately or keep showing up the rest of the […]