cbhsports 2019 final NBA Free agency predictions

NBA Free Agency starts today at 6:30 PM ET. We predict where the top five players at each position go. Point Guards 5.Ricky Rubio 2018-19 Team:Utah Jazz New Team:Indiana Pacers 4.Tyus Jones 2018-19 Team:Minnesota Timberwolves New Team:Phoenix Suns 3.D’Angelo Russell 2018-19 Team:Brooklyn Nets New Team:LA Lakers 2.Kemba Walker 2018-19 Team:Charlotte Hronets New Team:Boston Celtics 1.Kyrie […]

Kemba, Celtics to finalize deal Sunday (Day 0 NBA Free Agency News)

Big News Kemba Walker will likely sign a four year one hundred forty-one million dollar deal on Sunday, once free agency begins, with the Boston Celtics. Walker was the Celtics’ number one free agent priority, as Kemba would replace Guard Kyrie Irving, who is likely headed to one of the New York teams (Knicks or […]