NBA Draft Lottery And My Top 3

Last night was the NBA Draft Lottery:

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves
  2. Golden State Warriors
  3. Charlotte Hornets
  4. Chicago Bulls
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers
  6. Atlanta Hawks
  7. Detroit Pistons
  8. New York Knicks
  9. Washington Wizards
  10. Phoenix Suns
  11. San Antonio Spurs
  12. Sacramento Kings
  13. New Orleans
  14. Boston from Memphis

Minnesota has DLo and KAT but a good pick up would most likely be Anthony Edwards, rated number one by many, and he’d move right in to the Shooting Guard position which is needed in Minnesota. It would be stupid not to take him. The Timberwolves already have a big man and a guy that can shoot. They are in need of a SG who is dominant everywhere. Anthony Edwards could fill their starting 2guard and good on pick and roll plays from a good PG(DLO) and a great Center(Karl Anthony-Towns) Anthony Edwards to seems great on plays where KAT can set a screen at the top of the key and DLO gets it to Edwards who then can get to the bucket. If he feels he can’t score, you’d have DLO open in the corner and we know he can shoot. It’d be a fun team to watch.

Golden State has a great back court, the Splash Brothers are a great shooting squad. Jonathan Wasserman put in his mock draft that they should draft James Wiseman. Though he’d be a great asset to have at big man, I feel the Warriors should draft Lamelo Ball. It’d be a lighskin squad, and with Curry’s age, Lamelo can fit in at point guard after Curry leaves. At the moment though, with Lamelo’s height at 6’8, he is the size of a small forward, so with a little more weight on him, he could play the role with point guard skills. Like a point forward. Andrew Wiggins is taking a spot up at small forward so Lamelo, if drafted by the Warriors, might have to come off the bench. I doubt the Warriors would play small ball moving Draymond to Center with Lamelo at Power Forward(doesn’t have the skills rn to adapt), Andrew Wiggins at Small Forward, and the Splash Bros in the back court. Maybe the team could adapt, but either way, I still think GSW should draft Lamelo.

The Charlotte Hornets are in no need of of a Point Guard with the up and coming Devonte Graham, what they do need though is a big man. The Hornets have Bismack Biyombo, Cody Zeller, and Willy Hernangomez. Not really big name stars. That’s why the Hornets should draft James Wiseman, because he is dominant, tall, and just goated at basketball.

Special Mention:

The Knicks- You know I gotta clown the knicks. The worst team, always getting left out. Got the 3rd and picked a player, not a bust, but not producing like Ja and Zion, and not as well as players drafted behind him, and they aren’t even starting. This time the knicks got the 8th pick. Just like 2017, when they Drafted Frank Ntilikina 8th overall(Kinda a bust), in 2018, their best player yet was drafted 2nd round. YES!!! There best player was drafted SECOND ROUND!!!(Mitchell Robinson) In 2018, they also had the 9th overall pick and drafted Kevin Knox, not a bust, but not doing what a good player does for being drafted 8th. The team is young, but young players probably not at the top with other players at their age. Honestly, the knicks my pick a trash player, maybe they get a steal. I honestly feel bad for them but they’re the clown of the NBA. To any knicks fans, please, don’t hurt yourself.

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