What a Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks trade might look like

Los Angeles Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan is likely to opt in to his twenty-four million dollar player option so he can facilitate a trade to the Dallas Mavericks.Four years ago,he had committed to sign a four-year contract with the Mavs,a home state team,but instead decided to return to the Clippers.If the Mavs can make it work this team could possibly win thrity-five or more games in the tough western conference.Maybe they could sign DeMarcus Cousins but he is a big fish and I really don’t see it happening.Here’s what a trade would look like:

Dallas Mavericks Receive
DeAndre Jordan,Center

Los Angeles Clippers Receive
Harrison Barnes,Small Forward
Salah Mejri,Center

While the trade doesn’t seem that out there,this is a fair deal for both sides.Let’s see what each team got and who won the trade.

Dallas Mavericks:The Mavs are getting the second best center if he were to go into Free Agency in DeAndre Jordan.I don’t see it happening but maybe LA could give up a few picks.Dallas has always needed a player like Jordan who averaged twelve points and fifteen rebounds in 2017-18.This is a huge get for Dallas if they can work out this trade because Dallas has always needed DeAndre Jordan to come back home.

Los Angeles Clippers:Harrison Barnes could be headed back to California where he played with the Golden State Warriors at the beginning of his career.Barnes is a guy who averaged nineteen points,six rebounds,and shot the ball at almost forty-five percent overall.Barnes could be the answer the Clippers have always needed at Small Forward.While Mejri is not a very good center,he will at least be a decent role player to replace Jordan.

Who won this trade:The Dallas Mavericks.If the Mavs only have to give up Barnes (who is a key player),but Salah Mejri will not hurt.Trading for DeAndre Jordan must be a sucess for Mark Cuban and the Mavs.

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