Why the Houston Rockets may not be a title contender next season

You may be thinking… Why can’t the Rockets contend for a championship because they just re-upped with Chris Paul.Well,its because of the loss of Trevor Ariza.

Trevor Ariza,the former star three and d player for the Houston Rockets who made the Western Conference Finals and were one win away from the NBA Finals.Now the Rockets could not retain Ariza,who signed a one-year deal worth fifteen million dollars.Ariza was a great defender for Houston.He defended the opposing teams’ best player.Whether that be LeBron,Kawhi on the Spurs,Kevin Durant on the Warriors.Ariza is also a great three point shooter who shot the three ball at thrity-seven percent.Ariza averaged almost twelve points per game, and five rebounds on the offensive side.Ariza averaged almost two steals per game,and almost a block per game.Houston will have to get a new Trevor Ariza.I’m sure that Trevor Ariza will be a great veteran leader for the Phoenix Suns.

By Carter Huff

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