Stars of the Future (Basketball) (2018) #2:Zion Williamson (Duke Signee)

Welcome to the second installment of “Stars of the Future (Basketball) (2018)”.
Today we have Zion Williamson,the second ranked prospect in the country who I did a blog on my old NBA website.This is not going to be split up between his story and scouting report because this long paragraph explains everything.Zion is headed to Duke in the fall.

Story/Scouting Report:Why Zion Williamson is a future NBA star!Zion,as of now is the second ranked player in the 2018 class according to ESPN.Today I’m here with another player breakdown.Zion Williamson,is a 6’7 Power Forward,but will most likely have to play at the Small Forward position because he’s not tall enough to play at the four in the NBA.Before,ninth grade Zion was a Point Guard.As an eighth grader he was only five-nine,but he eventually grew to now six foot seven.In high school ball,in South Carolina,he scored a ton,making not so good South Carolina high school basketball teams worse.Zion won a State Championship,and averaged thirty-seven points as a Junior.Zion can shoot,which is always great,especially in the NBA now.Drake got a custom Zion Williamson jersey,which everyone knows that means that that kid can ball,but until last Summer know one saw the dunks,the blocks that went into the stands until the Summer of 2016.This was because of his lackluster high school opponents.Zion played in many camps,and balled out against older five-star players at many camps in the past two years.Zion,since then, has played for the South Carolina Supreme,an AAU team,and gone up against LaMelo Ball!This was one of he most hyped up games,and I’ve already blogged about it,and I put the link to it in the comments.Zion did amazing keeping his composure,as he scored thirty-one points,and added eight rebounds!I was even lucky to see Zion play,as well!Zion said that he doesn’t want to have trouble off the court,he wants to give back to the community,and he wants to win at least three rings.Winning three rings is tough,but giving back to his community,and having no trouble off the court is amazing!I definitely,now,after hearing this,am on the Zion Williamson hype train,and believe that he’s going to be balling for any college he goes to,and in the pros.Zion watches game film on LeBron James,Russell Westbrook,and Kawhi Leonard.Watching LeBron is great,(I don’t have to explain why),watching Russell is great so he can improve his in-game toughness,and demeanor,and watching Kawhi,the best defender in the NBA,will greatly improve his game,too.

Cam Reddish will be the third edition tomorrow.

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