Boston and Golden State lead NBA’s pecking order (My Way too early 2018-19 NBA Predicted Standings) (Link to podcast about this:

Eastern Conference (My projected standings)
1.Boston Celtics 59-23
2.Toronto Raptors 52-30
3.Philadelphia 76ers 51-31
4.Indiana Pacers 49-33
5.Miami Heat 46-36
6.Milwaukee Bucks 44-36
7.Detroit Pistons 42-40 Head to Head Advantage
8.Washington Wizards 42-40
Outside Looking In
9.Chicago Bulls 40-42

Western Conference
1.Golden State Warriors 67-15
2.Houston Rockets 55-27
3.Oklahoma City Thunder 53-29
4.Los Angeles Lakers 52-30
5.Portland Trail Blazaers 49-33
6.Utah Jazz 47-35
7.New Orleans Pelicans 46-36
8.Minnesota Timberwolves 44-38

By Carter Huff

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