Where does Carmelo Anthony fit best?

Where does Forward Carmelo Anthony fit best?The Oklahoma City Thunder and the veteran All-Star Forward are set to part ways most likely through buyout.Here are three teams in his sweepstakes and here’s how Melo fits with them.

*I know the Miami Heat could land him but it seems like they are out of his sweepstakes.*

Houston Rockets-The reigning NBA Western Conference runners up seem like the most likely team to land Anthony because of the losses of three and d wings Trevor Ariza to the Phoenix Suns and Luc Mbah a Moute to the LA Clippers,and Carmelo wants a starting spot.Two problems here.Carmelo is not a very reliable defender and will have to be relied on a lot in a Rockets offense to get them to win.While Houston does need a Small Forward Carmelo has been a very reliable Power Forward spreading the floor.Fit Rank:3

LA Lakers-LeBron James’ friend is Carmelo Anthony.Only problem is Brandom Ingram is starting in front of Melo.If LeBron convinces Carmelo Anthony to come off the bench which I don’t see happening,Carmelo is not coming to Hollywood.Fit Rank:2

Philadelphia 76ers-This is where Carmelo will have an opportunity.Carmelo will not have a huge role but could start if he gets a chance in Philly,which he should.I think Carmelo Anthony fits best in Philadelphia because he can spread the floor for Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz.While he may not go to Philadelphia because it may be too hard for Dario Saric not to start for Philly,he would be an awesome fit in one the of the US’s first city.Fit Rank:1 (Winner)

The Thunder are exploring a deal with the Brookly Nets for Jeremy Lin but I don’t expect that happen because Melo is not staying in Brooklyn.

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