Can the Denver Nuggets turn Isaiah Thomas’ career around?

Hello guys,and welcome to another unofficial series on the blog.If I continue to do this on a daily basis this will become the NBA previews series but today I want to take a look at the Denver Nuggets headed into the 2018-19 NBA season and if they can turn Isaiah Thomas’ career around.

With Paul Millsap being the best defender on this team but aging,Gary Harris at the shooting guard and Nikola Jokic at center are the second and third best defenders on the team but are still below average in that area.Jamal Murray,Will Barton,Isaiah Thomas,and the rest of the Mile High crew are way below average defenders.This team may be the best offensive team in the whole NBA but the worst defensive team.Isaiah Thomas probably won’t start but at least Denver has a good backup point guard.They are likely to start Jamal Murray at the point guard,Gary Harris at shooting guard,Will Barton at the small forward,Paul Millsap at power forward,and Nikola Jokic at center.Ovbiously,at this point Jokic is best player on this team and his advanced stats are just absolutley crazy.Jokic is a triple double threat every game but that is not all-star caliber play in the loaded western conference.Paul Millsap is still a good scorer and a good defender as I mentioned previously but is getting up there in age.It should be obvious that Isaiah Thomas should get at least twenty-five minutes per game and then play more if he’s playing well.Isaiah is a guy who should average around fifteen points and seven assists and get at least ten million dollars a year in the summer of 2019.Jamal Murray,Gary Harris,and Will Barton are guys who should be constistent on the outside for Denver.If Denver can lift Isaiah’s career back up to where it was in 2016-17,there’s no reason why the King of the 4th Quarter will be back.

By Carter Huff

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