Y’all probably thought I was doing Bol Bol next because he was next in the rankings but today we take a look at the sixth ranked player in the country,small forward/shooting guard Nassir Little.

Story:Roy Williams said that it would take awhile before he would offer the five-star.Just a weekend later after a camp that Nassir starred in,Nassir was offered by North Carolina.One of the main reasons Little wants to go to UNC is because he and Roy Williams are winners.Nassir made a commitment to UNC and moved up from number ten in the rankings all the way up to number six.

Scouting Report:Little is exceptionally long with a seven-foot one wing span and is a good sized wing at six-seven.Little is a great athlete with a developing jumper,something so precious in the modern NBA.His defense is very good and should translate over to the next level nicely.He is very tough physically.He needs to work on being mentally tough along with his twenty-six percent three pointer and sixty-nine percent from the free throw line.Overall,Nassir Little is a great athlete and should be a top five pick in the NBA Draft by the summer of 2019 or 2020.

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