Superstar Forward Kawhi Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors for star Guard DeMar DeRozan.Here’s the whole trade package:

Spurs Receive
Guard DeMar DeRozan
Center Jakob Poeltl
Protected 2019 First Pick

Raptors Receive
Forward Kawhi Leonard
Guard Danny Green

Initial Thoughts
The Spurs got lucky and did not get desperate,landing a top twenty player in the NBA in DeMar DeRozan,a developing center in Jakob Poeltl,and a first round pick.Kawhi Leonard is a free agent next summer,and we should see how he reacts to this because he could go elsewhere.Danny Green is a nice shooting guard who is a nice three point shooter.

Who are the Raptors receiving?
A top five player in the league,but he could leave instead of re-signing.Danny Green is a guy who could come off the bench because OG Annunoby is too valuable of a piece.The Raptors are now the second best team in the east officially behind the Celtics.

Who are the Spurs receiving?
DeMar DeRozan has three more years on his contract.DeRozan will have to face LeBron again in the playoffs again if they make it they make it that far.Poeltl is a nice developing piece,who it will be hard for the Raptors to replace.

I think that San Antonio may win this trade long-term but even if Kawhi left for LA next summer they would be in a nice retooling mode without DeMar DeRozan’s three year eight-three million dollar deal.

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