My way too early Super Bowl Champion pick

I know I don’t talk much about the NFL,but here is my way-too early super bowl champion pick and why.

My pick:Minnesota Vikings

Why:Minnesota brings back the best if not he second best defense in the NFL behind Jacksonville.Case Keenum was a good quarterback but is now in Denver and shouldn’t repeat those numbers in the Rockies.GettinG Kirk Cousins (who should be a good fantasy QB) and a good leader is very much an upgrade and should be able to go head to head versus Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.They should be able to plit the season series against Green Bay,and get a one or two more than them,getting them into the divisional round.From there,their defense and Kirk Cousins’ composure will win them the Super Bowl.

By Carter Huff

Please enjoy all of my content :) <3-Carter.

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